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I've been posting quite a lot over on Tumblr Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription, , including this comic-book style page that recounts (in a nebulous sort of way) some of what happened in Blood and Brotherhood.  In the picture itself, Mark comes across some graffiti that he later realizes is a map of the valley, with towns that have an Incisor faction marked by a fang.  A map of the gang's conquest, essentially.  (Compare to the map of the Prattcorn Valley I posted a while ago, and which also appeared in BaB as something of a frontispiece.)

As described in BaB, the Incisors' version of the map was left intentionally vague, so when I went to draw this image, I had a lot of fun thinking over the specifics of which towns the Incisors would have taken by the time Mark sees the graffiti (Mischief Night 2029).  I considered not just the why, but also the how: the Incisors are coming to New Jersey from from New York City, and the fact that their stronghold in the Bronx lines up with the southern valley is to their advantage, meaning most of their early gains would be concentrated there.  We know from BaB that the Chaos Master wants the Incisors' conquest to reach a turning point by the summer of 2030, so we are still talking about a fairly early stage here, in October 2029.

Despite what Mark sometimes says about the Go-Cart Gang having eliminated all gang presence in the valley, I do think there are still at least some loosely-incorporated, roving delinquents in rougher towns like Augusta and Prattcorn Park.  The Incisors probably had to flex their muscles a bit to get a handle on those places, and, having created new factions out of their defeated enemies there, they're now moving on to surround quieter-but-still-kinda-rough Lidale and Asdale by creating even more factions in neighboring towns.  Any given high school has at least a small handful of at-risk youth: prime recruiting targets for the Incisors.  When the time comes to move on Lidale and Asdale, whatever small resistance the Incisors meets there will fall that much faster.

Southfield (occupied by Ari Daccat's faction in BaB) is the gang's biggest "get" in the valley so far, one of a handful of what might be called flagship towns.  Their next major target of that type is probably Mapleridge: a presence there would put them right up against Columbia Township, AKA the home of Woodvale High.  In any conquest of the Prattcorn Valley, Woodvale has to be the final and primary target, both because of its central location and because, although there are no currently-active vigilante groups in 2029/2030, it's infamous for being a threat to gangs.  Definitively capturing Woodvale is seen as the best route to neutralizing that threat.

The small Incisor presence in the northwestern valley is the Chaos Master's way of setting up that outcome to be as sure a thing as possible.  As the gang's numbers increase with their continuing conquest of the south, they'll gradually move northward, but if there were any current or nascent vigilante groups in Woodvale, that kind of direct progression could be noticed in its early, most-vulnerable stages.  I think the Master is smart enough to send some envoys northwest of the valley to create a secret rallying point and start taking places like the Redhends, where there's so little crime that the Incisors can just drop in a faction (or create one from impressionable local youth) and gain control uncontested.  In this manner, their conquest becomes a migration from the edges toward the center, rather than a linear march northward, and as a result, they're constantly working toward surrounding Woodvale from both sides.  The idea is to keep the Incisors as invisible as possible until they're already at the gates--that way, even if a vigilante group did rise to defend Woodvale, they probably wouldn't catch onto the threat in time to be prepared.

So, do you like this story?  Are you interested in the suburban adventures that occur against this backdrop?  Do you want to see what happens next--if the Chaos Master and his followers succeed?  If so, you know what to do :).

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As you may remember from last year Buy Arimidex Without Prescription, , September 7th is Woodvale Day--the holiday people in the School Kids SG universe celebrate as the founding of Woodvale.  In honor of Woodvale Day 2011, here's some world-building for you all, namely an update to the Towns of the Prattcorn Valley list.  Enjoy. Arimidex pics. Arimidex steet value. Arimidex pictures. Buy Arimidex online no prescription. Get Arimidex. Online Arimidex without a prescription. Arimidex treatment. Arimidex street price. Arimidex price. Arimidex from canada. Purchase Arimidex online no prescription. Arimidex description. Where can i buy cheapest Arimidex online. After Arimidex. Buy Arimidex no prescription. Arimidex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Fast shipping Arimidex. Arimidex interactions. Real brand Arimidex online. Arimidex natural. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Comprar en línea Arimidex, comprar Arimidex baratos. Canada, mexico, india. Arimidex long term. Doses Arimidex work. Arimidex photos. Arimidex recreational. Arimidex maximum dosage. Order Arimidex from United States pharmacy. Arimidex mg. Arimidex schedule. Arimidex alternatives. Buy Arimidex online cod. Arimidex for sale. Arimidex australia, uk, us, usa.

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Buy Alesse Without Prescription, First things first--I'd like to remind you all of that $2 book offer I've had up for the last week or so.  You can click on either the obvious ad or the normal link to the Store, both of which are just a few pixels to your left.  Go on, go for it!

If you've been coming to this site for a while, you may remember seeing mention of the document-scanning project I've been working on for well over a year now.  The most daunting thing about it that I haven't brought up before is that I'm constantly generating new papers that need to be scanned, in the form of memo books and other handwritten notes.  This leaves me with a conundrum: on the one hand, if I decide that I have to scan everything, I virtually guarantee (a) that I will be scanning stuff forever and ever, and (b) that I will wear out my scanner long before its time.  Besides, constantly scanning or typing things up usually feels like a big chore--most nights, I'd rather be writing new stuff.  But on the other hand, if I don't scan everything, I risk accidentally losing a portion of my work irrevocably (due to fire, theft, or something else horrible), and as long as all my notebooks are the only copies of themselves in existence, I absolutely have to keep them all around in my apartment, which really isn't big enough to support the amount of paper I generate indefinitely.  I'd thought for a while about using that travel laptop I bought to replace any and all future notebooks, but I just couldn't get around the fact that I like writing longhand.

My solution: the Livescribe Smartpen, Alesse price. Alesse for sale, I first saw an ad for this pen on, of all places, buy Alesse without prescription, Fast shipping Alesse, and I'm not a guy who usually clicks on banner ads, so seeing one that actually interested me was a surprise in and of itself.  What the pen does is record all your writing as you go, buy cheap Alesse, After Alesse, creating a digital backup in realtime.  In other words, I can still write in and refer to notebooks, online buy Alesse without a prescription, Alesse trusted pharmacy reviews, but with the knowledge that all my work is safe, and will be stored somewhere I can find it quickly if I have to.  Since the backups come out in PDF format, buy no prescription Alesse online, Alesse reviews, I wouldn't even lose the sometimes-irritating but always-useful forced step of retyping a handwritten draft.  It sounded great to me.

Still, online buying Alesse hcl, Alesse recreational, I had hesitated to buy for a good, long while, Alesse duration, Buying Alesse online over the counter, both because of the price tag ($129 at the cheapest, though down from like $200) and because I was leery of making such a major change to the way I do things (there's something pleasantly simple about regular old ink and paper).  But then, Alesse overnight, Alesse from canadian pharmacy, I saw a refurbished unit for less than half price, and I said to myself, ordering Alesse online, Alesse samples, let's just go for it.  The worst that'll happen is I'll hate it and have to find some other use for it.

What's fun is that this thing has the potential to do more than just back up my text.  Aside from interesting stuff like a simultaneous translation app and the ability to draw a cartoon keyboard you can then actually play (!), Alesse brand name, Alesse canada, mexico, india, the pen can record ambient sound.  It might not have been obvious solely from this ancient post in which I whistle into a microphone, but I do occasionally write some simple music.  Right now, cheap Alesse, Alesse used for, if I get an idea for a song but I'm not at my computer, my only option is to hum into either my digital camera or my cell phone.  But now, online buying Alesse, Herbal Alesse, theoretically, I could turn this pen on and write the name of my incomplete song in my notebook as I whistle it and/or talk to myself about it, Alesse blogs, Buy Alesse online cod, then be able to call it back out of my notebook at any time by passing the pen over what I wrote.  I'm eager to see how this works in practice.

A full review may be forthcoming...we'll see how strongly I feel about this thing once it gets here sometime next week.  But of course, Alesse no rx, Order Alesse online c.o.d, the only true measure of success will be how quickly I fill up the starter notebook.  If I can think to keep track of that, I'll post it, where can i buy Alesse online. Where can i buy cheapest Alesse online. Buy generic Alesse. My Alesse experience. Alesse steet value. Alesse over the counter. Buy Alesse no prescription.

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Buy Reglan Without Prescription, For those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook, where I just posted this same thing, here is a hint at what stylesheet-editing a book feels like. Reglan duration. Cheap Reglan no rx. Kjøpe Reglan på nett, köpa Reglan online. Reglan treatment. Online Reglan without a prescription. Buy Reglan from mexico. Effects of Reglan. Buy Reglan no prescription. Reglan mg. Reglan from canadian pharmacy. Reglan pharmacy. Comprar en línea Reglan, comprar Reglan baratos. Order Reglan online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy generic Reglan. Where can i cheapest Reglan online. Reglan steet value. Where can i buy cheapest Reglan online. Where can i buy Reglan online. Order Reglan from United States pharmacy. After Reglan. Where can i order Reglan without prescription. What is Reglan. Reglan price, coupon. Reglan dosage. Reglan gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Reglan results. Where can i find Reglan online. Reglan photos. Reglan class. Rx free Reglan. Is Reglan addictive. Order Reglan from mexican pharmacy. Cheap Reglan. Reglan from canada. Reglan no prescription.

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  • I've been using my air conditioner again recently.  Buy Aciclovir Without Prescription, It's November 15th, and I've been using my air conditioner again recently! Sometimes I just turn it on in FAN mode to drown out the sounds my obnoxious neighbors make--when it's in that mode, its built-in thermostat measures the temperature of the air rather than the AC''s target temperature.  The other day, this readout came within a hair's breadth of 80 degrees.  I always knew my building retained heat, but man!

  • In a hilariously ill-advised decision, I just baked enough brownies to last for at least the next week and a half.  Cheaper than buying similar products, but no healthier.  The frustrating thing is that I naturally drift toward having a flat stomach while I'm on vacation (no matter what I eat).  Only in the midst of "normal" operation do I feel like I have to watch myself...and even then only for the sake of my appearance.

  • Recently discovered House of Heroes, apparently a Christian rock band (?!).  So far, I wouldn't have been able to tell if someone didn't clue me in.  I'm finding Suburba very School Kidsy in spots.

  • La-Mulana trailer!  This game cannot come out soon enough for me.

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Buy Feldene Without Prescription, So yeah, I guess I'm writing book five now.  And working on getting book one back up for sale.  And working on editing together the disparate pieces of book four.  And doing a bunch of other things that aren't even related to SKSG.  I'll be surprised if one of these days I don't just collapse with a poof and turn into a pile of sand.  But it'll be happy sand.

Today, rx free Feldene, Feldene from canadian pharmacy, I want to point you in the direction of one of my creative inspirations, David Willis.  Actually, buy Feldene without prescription, Cheap Feldene, a post about how much I'm (over?)working myself is a pretty apt place to bring him up again--this is a man who is simultaneously writing Shortpacked!, daily toy news, purchase Feldene for sale, Where can i cheapest Feldene online, something related to Transformers, and now Dumbing of Age, Feldene no rx, What is Feldene, a reimagining of his previous two comic series, It's Walky, purchase Feldene online no prescription. Order Feldene online overnight delivery no prescription, and Roomies!.  He's my hero.  I'm surprisingly excited about DoA (ha!) and I really want it to take off, so please do me (and yourself) a favor and go check it out, Feldene wiki. Feldene pharmacy, It's funny...I had started to feel like I was creatively stagnating there for a while, but now that I'm working on book five, australia, uk, us, usa, Effects of Feldene, I'm realizing how long it's been since I've drafted something new (as opposed to editing something that already existed).  I think the absence of that might have been the culprit.  Creative types, take note--always keep making new things!  How else will you surprise yourself, herbal Feldene. Feldene natural. Feldene interactions. Feldene from canada. Order Feldene online c.o.d. Fast shipping Feldene. Purchase Feldene online. Feldene without a prescription. Feldene without prescription. Feldene cost. Feldene dosage. Feldene dose. Feldene australia, uk, us, usa. Feldene images. After Feldene. Buy Feldene online cod. Purchase Feldene. Real brand Feldene online. Feldene australia, uk, us, usa. Low dose Feldene. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

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As you may have seen on the SKSG Canon Calendar Buy Zenegra Without Prescription, (now in hi-res, finally!), September 7th is "Woodvale Day," a holiday observed only in...Woodvale!  Most people celebrate it as the anniversary of the town's founding, when the Borough of Woodvale was carved out of the then-much-larger Township of Columbia.  I like to think Woodvale is just over 100 years old, having been incorporated as a borough during the New Jersey "Boroughitis" phase of the late 19th century.  That article is actually pretty interesting reading.

How would you celebrate Woodvale Day?  Me, purchase Zenegra, Where can i find Zenegra online, I put up that new calendar viewer. Zenegra dangers. Zenegra images. Zenegra over the counter. Zenegra long term. Is Zenegra addictive. Herbal Zenegra. Zenegra without a prescription. Is Zenegra safe. Purchase Zenegra online no prescription. About Zenegra. Zenegra alternatives. Zenegra natural. Order Zenegra from mexican pharmacy. Taking Zenegra. Online buying Zenegra. Online Zenegra without a prescription. Zenegra duration. Australia, uk, us, usa. Real brand Zenegra online. Order Zenegra online c.o.d. Zenegra wiki. Zenegra samples. Discount Zenegra. Zenegra dosage. What is Zenegra. Buy cheap Zenegra no rx. Zenegra blogs. Doses Zenegra work. Zenegra steet value. Kjøpe Zenegra på nett, köpa Zenegra online. Where can i buy Zenegra online. Zenegra trusted pharmacy reviews. Zenegra brand name.

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Buy Requip Without Prescription, Saw this while walking through Queens earlier.  Thought that Hurricane Earl had finally arrived.


Still writing a lot.  Book one should be back up for sale before too much longer.  I randomly wrote a chapter for book five (!) today--I felt it coming and figured I should just go with it.  You'll see it in...a couple of years, Requip photos, Ordering Requip online, I guess.  Um. Buy cheap Requip. No prescription Requip online. Requip pics. Requip price. Requip pharmacy. Order Requip from United States pharmacy. Canada, mexico, india. Requip reviews. Requip gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Requip without a prescription. Requip pictures. Requip no prescription. Requip use. Requip used for. My Requip experience. Buy no prescription Requip online. Where to buy Requip. Buy Requip from canada. Requip treatment. Cheap Requip no rx. Comprar en línea Requip, comprar Requip baratos. Online buy Requip without a prescription. Effects of Requip. After Requip. Requip without prescription. Requip results. Requip coupon. Requip forum. Requip canada, mexico, india. Requip from canadian pharmacy. Requip cost. Buy Requip online no prescription. Buy Requip without prescription.

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Buy Altace Without Prescription, Sorry for the lack of a real post today--I'm visiting my parents in New Jersey, which provides an excellent opportunity to test that laptop I bought.  For the first time in my life, I can write for real (and update my website) on the road!  I'm typing this from my little sister's bedroom!  While she annoys me by shoving gay video game porn in my face!  It's a very interesting experience (working with my travel laptop, not having pornography forced on me) and I'm glad the money I spent on this new computer wasn't wasted.

Here's a photo from my cell phone of the computer booting up while I look over the manuscript-in-progress I brought along with me:


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Buy Torsemide Without Prescription, So something's been bugging me lately.

My writing directories (as in folders of computerzied files) are getting too huge to easily back up.  I find myself having to pick and choose what to copy to my thumbdrives, Torsemide from canadian pharmacy, Torsemide interactions, or to a DVD+R, at any given time.  And if I really want to back up everything at once, order Torsemide online overnight delivery no prescription, Purchase Torsemide online no prescription, I have to do it in multiple phases, which takes forever.  I know it must seem ridiculous that my writing files exceed the capacity of a DVD--this is due in large part to my artwork folder (which contains book covers, Torsemide mg, Where can i find Torsemide online, high-quality versions of website images, etc.), buy Torsemide online no prescription, Buy Torsemide online cod, but Microsoft Word loves to choke my SKSG folder with hidden, temporary files, Torsemide dose, Is Torsemide addictive, so that's not as small as you'd think, either.  And in any case, Torsemide pics, Torsemide alternatives, sometimes it's hard to remember what I have or haven't backed up recently--I'd never have to worry if my directories were small enough to back up all together, every time, what is Torsemide, Generic Torsemide, without it taking like an hour.

So I've started contemplating a major directory reorganization, buy generic Torsemide, Discount Torsemide, one that would not only allow me to easily target and clear out stuff I never use or look at anymore (e.g. the design for this website circa 2003), where to buy Torsemide, Torsemide use, but would also make it easy for me to switch between writing on my main computer and that miniature laptop I just bought without getting confused about which draft of something is the most current.  Basically, each story would get its own folder, buy Torsemide without prescription, Torsemide trusted pharmacy reviews, and every draft would be named not by the story's title, but by the draft's date, Torsemide results, Torsemide maximum dosage, in the highly-sortable format I once used to update The Trio of Triumph.  For example, a draft dated today would be named 20100816.doc; you'd only know which story it was a draft of based on which folder it was in.  This is more or less already how I handle stories on the verge of publication (it's how I finished up books one through three of SKSG, Torsemide blogs, Torsemide cost, in fact), so I know that it's useful, buy no prescription Torsemide online, Order Torsemide online c.o.d, and would be even more so if I codified the process a bit more.

The only hitch that's holding me back is that this system--standardized, australia, uk, us, usa, Where can i cheapest Torsemide online, efficient, and scaleable--sounds an awful lot like something a big, Torsemide description, Torsemide recreational, faceless corporation would do.  What if the relative chaos in which I operate is the heart of my work?  Will putting any thought at all into my process serve to strip all the fun out of it?  Is it possible, as some of the Japanese writings I read in college might have said, Torsemide brand name, Torsemide dosage, that by bathing my work in the light of planned efficiency, I'd destroy the shadows that naturally trace the contours of what I do?  About a year ago, online Torsemide without a prescription, Torsemide treatment, I made a similar change to the structure of my artwork directory (starting to organize the files by category rather than by month), and it hasn't bothered me, Torsemide samples, but I didn't go anywhere near as far as I'm contemplating now.  I'm scared that the more I consciously try to tailor my writing to the predicted rhythms of a mundane day, the more I examine how it works and how I can make it work "better," the less of a primal and beautiful thing it will be.  It would not be worth damaging my inner eye just to avoid spending an extra five minutes checking the "Modified" dates on loose files.

If I went through with this, it would be the first time I'd changed how my writing was stored since something like 1999.  So, what do people think?  Especially for the writers out there in the audience, is the overall concept I'm getting at here something you've ever thought about?  What would you do if you were me?  (For additional color, keep in mind that part of the reason I got the laptop was so that I could contemplate writing at someone else's house, if I ever get into a relationship. That's a very powerful incentive to make the laptop as useful as possible.).

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