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I've been posting quite a lot over on Tumblr Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription, , including this comic-book style page that recounts (in a nebulous sort of way) some of what happened in Blood and Brotherhood.  In the picture itself, Mark comes across some graffiti that he later realizes is a map of the valley, with towns that have an Incisor faction marked by a fang.  A map of the gang's conquest, essentially.  (Compare to the map of the Prattcorn Valley I posted a while ago, and which also appeared in BaB as something of a frontispiece.)

As described in BaB, the Incisors' version of the map was left intentionally vague, so when I went to draw this image, I had a lot of fun thinking over the specifics of which towns the Incisors would have taken by the time Mark sees the graffiti (Mischief Night 2029).  I considered not just the why, but also the how: the Incisors are coming to New Jersey from from New York City, and the fact that their stronghold in the Bronx lines up with the southern valley is to their advantage, meaning most of their early gains would be concentrated there.  We know from BaB that the Chaos Master wants the Incisors' conquest to reach a turning point by the summer of 2030, so we are still talking about a fairly early stage here, in October 2029.

Despite what Mark sometimes says about the Go-Cart Gang having eliminated all gang presence in the valley, I do think there are still at least some loosely-incorporated, roving delinquents in rougher towns like Augusta and Prattcorn Park.  The Incisors probably had to flex their muscles a bit to get a handle on those places, and, having created new factions out of their defeated enemies there, they're now moving on to surround quieter-but-still-kinda-rough Lidale and Asdale by creating even more factions in neighboring towns.  Any given high school has at least a small handful of at-risk youth: prime recruiting targets for the Incisors.  When the time comes to move on Lidale and Asdale, whatever small resistance the Incisors meets there will fall that much faster.

Southfield (occupied by Ari Daccat's faction in BaB) is the gang's biggest "get" in the valley so far, one of a handful of what might be called flagship towns.  Their next major target of that type is probably Mapleridge: a presence there would put them right up against Columbia Township, AKA the home of Woodvale High.  In any conquest of the Prattcorn Valley, Woodvale has to be the final and primary target, both because of its central location and because, although there are no currently-active vigilante groups in 2029/2030, it's infamous for being a threat to gangs.  Definitively capturing Woodvale is seen as the best route to neutralizing that threat.

The small Incisor presence in the northwestern valley is the Chaos Master's way of setting up that outcome to be as sure a thing as possible.  As the gang's numbers increase with their continuing conquest of the south, they'll gradually move northward, but if there were any current or nascent vigilante groups in Woodvale, that kind of direct progression could be noticed in its early, most-vulnerable stages.  I think the Master is smart enough to send some envoys northwest of the valley to create a secret rallying point and start taking places like the Redhends, where there's so little crime that the Incisors can just drop in a faction (or create one from impressionable local youth) and gain control uncontested.  In this manner, their conquest becomes a migration from the edges toward the center, rather than a linear march northward, and as a result, they're constantly working toward surrounding Woodvale from both sides.  The idea is to keep the Incisors as invisible as possible until they're already at the gates--that way, even if a vigilante group did rise to defend Woodvale, they probably wouldn't catch onto the threat in time to be prepared.

So, do you like this story?  Are you interested in the suburban adventures that occur against this backdrop?  Do you want to see what happens next--if the Chaos Master and his followers succeed?  If so, you know what to do :).

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