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20111115_ows Buy Trental Without Prescription, I paid my second visit to Occupy Wall Street this past Sunday--some friends of mine were playing music there.  It had been just about a month since my first visit, and the park was a much denser tent city than it had been before as the protesters hunkered down for the winter.  The impromptu concert I attended didn't draw much attention, but there was some polite clapping and a rotating cast of cell-phone photographers.

I tried to stay out of the way as OWS participants and coordinators flitted around, where can i order Trental without prescription, Purchase Trental for sale, some cleaning up accumulated garbage and bringing it out to the curb, others passing out flyers or offering trinkets.  Something about the unspoken energy there reminded me of my alma mater, Trental cost, Trental no prescription, which is perhaps the only place I've ever felt completely at home.  That's how Occupy Wall Street struck me--as a community, one I felt I could fit into, purchase Trental online, Australia, uk, us, usa, at least as a visitor--and I think that's exactly the kind of atmosphere the park's 24/7 residents were trying to create.

This morning, Trental from canada, Trental price, coupon, I woke up to images of an empty Zuccotti Park being power-washed by cleaning crews, shown as part of continuous live coverage by NY1.  The police had descended and destroyed the encampment minutes after I'd gone to bed.  Without its vibrancy, online buying Trental hcl, Trental photos, its voices, its tents, canada, mexico, india, Trental no rx, the park was barely recognizable to me.

Today, buy generic Trental, Where can i buy Trental online, the mayor of New York City uttered the phrase, "No right is absolute" in all seriousness.  This is a man whose very name calls his impartiality into constant question--the Bloomberg brand is stamped on information feeds and trading terminals all across the financial industry--and a man whose vast personal fortune has bequeathed him such myopia that he often seems to want to run New York as his own, where can i find Trental online, Trental pics, private corporation.  In order to secure the third term as mayor he is now serving, he had to more or less change the rules of how government is elected, Trental without a prescription, Trental steet value, but he made sure to change them back as soon as he got what he wanted, revealing the hubris that must necessarily accompany a belief that no other man or woman has the right or skill for his job.  In this way, online Trental without a prescription, Discount Trental, Bloomberg has at times seemed less like a mayor than a CEO in the way he has presided over the city--from his ill-advised lack of transparency regarding his whereabouts during last year's big snowstorm to calling a reporter a disgrace after being asked a pointed question, he carries himself with the imperiousness of the very "trust fund babies" that some say, buy Trental online cod, Order Trental from mexican pharmacy, wrongly, make up the whole of OWS.  I might have actually respected his choice of Cathie Black for schools chancellor (the virtues of outside perspective are too often ignored, online buy Trental without a prescription, Trental samples, and experience is too often enshrined as the sole factor in an intelligent hiring decision) had it not yet been one more transparent attempt to install a like thinker (and a like personality) in his citywide boardroom--all the better to concentrate an outsize portion of power in his hands.

And never has Bloomberg's deference to corporatism and the elite been more on display than last night at 1:00 AM.  Proudly, where to buy Trental, Cheap Trental, he took full responsibility for siccing (by some accounts) 1,000 police officers armed with powerful lights, Trental duration, Trental street price, zip cuffs, pepper spray, Trental class, Where can i buy cheapest Trental online, sonic cannons, bulldozers, Trental brand name, Trental use, and nightsticks on a peaceful group of people who were probably half-asleep.  Just like that, News Corporation got what it wanted, cheap Trental no rx, Trental dangers, and, if only for a little while, Trental used for, the 1% was once again spared from confronting the anger their greed has inspired.  The after-the-fact attempt by the deputy mayor to smear Occupy Wall Street as some kind of militia-in-waiting is just shameful.

I've been to Occupy Wall Street--many of my friends are participating in or helping to run it.  This was a place of music and discourse, a place lined with shops and visitor information tables, a place where young people dedicated enough to their companions and their ideas rode bikes for hours to generate power for them.  It was a place were random passersby were offered free flu shots.  And--here's something I'm not seeing said often enough--nothing about any of this rendered Zuccotti Park closed or impassable to the general public.  Well-kept paths, entrances and exits, greeters, and signs marked the way into and through the tent city, and even when a young man with a nose ring and a spiked leather jacket told one my friends that their music wasn't to his liking, he vowed not to force them to leave.  All were welcome--all were always welcome.  Both times I visited the protest encampment, the only people telling me where I could and couldn't go (in loud, authoritarian voices) were the police.  I have always been far more scared of a group that cannot be legally disobeyed under any circumstances, and which is therefore essentially empowered to make up the law in the moment, than I could ever be of a diverse mass of Americans reading, writing, and thinking.

This is what Mayor Bloomberg and New York City's omnipotent, bullylike, vaguely militaristic police force broke up last night for the convenience and comfort of the rich and powerful.  But you know what gets to me the most?  The loss of the People's Library. It's bad enough that personal property has been a matter of on-demand public inquiry since 9/11 (with nary a vote to install such a policy, at least not that I can remember), and that the police can now apparently just toss your things in the garbage if they think it will baffle your attempts to organize events their benefactors don't like.  But consigning 5,500 library books, and the knowledge therein, to a dumpster and an uncertain fate is a sin in a visceral way.  The fact that the police and mayor were willing to take such an action, even as it echoed with similarity to many of the most infamous fascist crackdowns in history, speaks to just how out-of-touch they are.  This and the journalistic blackout imposed on the 1:00 AM crackdown (the account of one MotherJones reporter who got through is a must-read) are affronts to free speech that I, as an American and as a person, cannot abide.  Our absolute commitment to free speech is the light that has always redeemed America, even in its darkest times.

So here's what I'd like to say to the protesters--don't give up.  The community you've built can outlive its original physical presence.  Stand together.  Sleep in shifts.  Crank the effort and the messaging up to 11.  Show the naysayers that even if the powers that be make reaching your goals hard, you're willing to fight harder.  Put to bed once and for all the myth that this effort isn't about anything, that it will simply fade away in cold weather, that a culture whose muscle for nuance has atrophied can no longer abide a movement of diverse ideas.  Make yourselves more visible, not less.  Because the whole world is watching now, and so am I.  This is no longer simply a fight for promoting awareness of economic inequality--this is a fight for our voices.  And that's a fight we cannot afford to lose.

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Ed said,

November 18, 2011 @ 8:42 am

Jon, I’ve been meaning to read this since it went up and had the pleasure to finally do so today. This is a terrifically well organized article that is a captivating read. Thank you so much. I am forwarding it on to my family to enjoy.