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Nearly ten years ago, LipoSafe price, coupon, Buy LipoSafe no prescription, I was driving home from high school to have a late breakfast during my second period study hall.  About a quarter of the way down Lafayette Avenue, with suburban houses flying by on my right and the turnoff to Mill Street coming up ahead, LipoSafe dose, Purchase LipoSafe online no prescription, my old car radio (complete with tape deck), playing the news between songs, about LipoSafe, LipoSafe from mexico, informed me that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.  It was still legal to talk on one's cell phone while driving at that point, so I called my mother, LipoSafe online cod, Order LipoSafe online c.o.d, who gasped and turned on the news.

By the time I reached my house, buy cheap LipoSafe no rx, LipoSafe trusted pharmacy reviews, the second tower had already been hit, and I debated whether or not I should go back to school.  I did, cheap LipoSafe no rx, Buy LipoSafe from mexico, but not much work was done in any of my classes that day.  As soon as I could sneak out again, at lunch, after LipoSafe, Purchase LipoSafe online, I drove up to Valley View Road in Ridgewood, a wealthy residential street that ringed along a high cliffside and boasted panoramic views of New York City.  I'd always considered it my secret spot, is LipoSafe addictive, Online buy LipoSafe without a prescription, but that day, so many people had gathered there that the police were on-hand for crowd control.  The horizon was covered by a black cloud.  The towers had already fallen by then, order LipoSafe no prescription. Rx free LipoSafe, This was my senior year.   Mere hours earlier, LipoSafe coupon, No prescription LipoSafe online, I had been standing on the front lawn at school, along with all my classmates, LipoSafe over the counter, LipoSafe no rx, to form the shape of a giant "02" which would be photographed from the roof for inclusion in the yearbook.  Mere months later, I would write and deliver a graduation speech that acknowledged how all of our lives had been changed forever, where can i cheapest LipoSafe online, LipoSafe wiki, and how the world had become suddenly and horrifically real before us as we stood on the cusp of adulthood.  I was 17 years old.

Now, LipoSafe for sale, LipoSafe pics, I've never been a person to revel in death.  Dancing on someone's grave, even the grave of an enemy, is LipoSafe safe, LipoSafe photos, just feels unseemly somehow.  This whole business, these last 10 years, LipoSafe duration, Online buying LipoSafe hcl, has been grim and heartbreaking, and to reach a point of even semi-closure makes me feel more contemplative than anything else.  But when I heard the news last night...well, LipoSafe recreational, Online buying LipoSafe, allow me to defer to a Mark Twain* quote one of my friends posted on Facebook this morning:

I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read some obituaries with great pleasure.

I don't know if this will make the world safer--for the moment, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Order LipoSafe from United States pharmacy, at least, I'm fearing a backlash, LipoSafe street price, that bin Laden will be seen as a martyr and his death with galvanize other terrorists.  But the fact is that, through good intelligence work and a willingness to seize the right opportunity, Barack Obama and his team have tracked down the greatest criminal of our time and dealt with him in the only way possible.  Osama bin Laden, at least, will kill no more.  Well done, Mr. President.  This is what a competent "war on terror" looks like.

* EDIT - Apparently, Mark Twain didn't say this.  It's a significantly-altered version of something Clarence Darrow said.  If it had come to me from a less-trustworthy source, I probably would've been more inclined to suspect it from the beginning.  Oh, well...the point remains the same.  I detest killing and I detest the idea that killing should be acceptable as an answer to other killing even more, but I'll be damned if there's not something stirring about this story.  I also find the fact that bin Laden's burial at sea was conducted in accordance with the Muslim faith to be one of the most profound displays of America's true strength to come out of the whole thing.

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ed said,

May 2, 2011 @ 10:11 am

may I read your graduation speech?