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Happy preemptive New Year!  First things first--let me remind you that the coupon for The Gauntlet Buy Motilium Without Prescription, is still good until January 15th.  It makes an already-cheap book even cheaper, so...what's not to like?  Just enter code RESOLUTION305 when you check out on Lulu.  Go for it!  Go for it, I say!

Christmas was okay.  My immediate family and I ended the night by playing an hours-long game of Trivial Pursuit (which my father eventually won, much to my mother's chagrin).  But here's the thing that made it really amusing--this was my parents' barely-used edition of Trivial Pursuit from the very beginning of their marriage.  So when you got a question like, "What's the world's largest airline?", you really had to ask yourself, "What was the world's largest airline in like 1980?"  As you can imagine, this put my sister and I at a huge disadvantage.  We're talking about cards had a weird obsession with Humphrey Bogart.  It was uncanny.

I had planned to return to the city Sunday evening, where to buy Motilium, Purchase Motilium online no prescription, but I woke up to a driving snowstorm that didn't let up until I was hiking through calf-deep drifts on the way to and from my friend's house.  Enlisting the help of my dad and sister the next morning, I was able to free my car from the driveway with surprisingly little trouble, Motilium duration, Motilium from mexico, and by noon, I was on my way toward the intractable madness of Queens, buy Motilium online no prescription. Motilium samples, Upon my return, I discovered that nothing had been plowed, online Motilium without a prescription, Order Motilium from mexican pharmacy, not even ostensibly major roads like Woodside and Roosevelt Avenues.  The side streets were even worse--I had expected parking to be awkward and had planned out, in advance, discount Motilium, Fast shipping Motilium, several possible ways to breach the heart of my neighborhood.  All that work, only to find everything blocked by stuck vehicles long since abandoned by their drivers.  Heading up the hill off Queens Boulevard, get Motilium, Motilium brand name, my car covered in highway salt, and then making an awkward right turn without being anywhere near my proper lane, Motilium mg, Kjøpe Motilium på nett, köpa Motilium online, I was terrified that I was about to join them.

Blocked street by blocked street, Motilium dose, Doses Motilium work, I was forced along through the virtually-untouched snow, and I gradually began to realize that my neighborhood's main thoroughfare, buy cheap Motilium, Motilium cost, where I have never once parked (because it's too busy and, to be honest, Motilium from canadian pharmacy, Motilium no prescription, a little seedy) was probably my best chance to find something passable before the sporadic skids I was experiencing landed me somewhere I couldn't escape.  Sure enough, I lucked on a space someone had dug their way out of recently, is Motilium safe, Motilium recreational, and I proceeded to dig my way back in.  I pawed down to the curb to check once I was done--this had to be the best guerrilla parallel-parking job I'd ever pulled off.  Spinning wheels and uncontrollable flailing aside, I'd made it to within six inches of the concrete, where can i find Motilium online. Generic Motilium, Once I left my car and hauled all my stuff inside (over the objection of winds powerful enough to literally knock me over), I discovered a cable modem with one light on out of four.  That's right--despite the fact that most New York City wiring is underground, Motilium dangers, Buy generic Motilium, the storm had knocked out my Internet.  Thus began three days of isolation, the longest sustained time I've been without the Internet since the days of college intersessions from before my parents had WiFi in their house.  The good news is that I got a lot of writing done, Motilium canada, mexico, india, Purchase Motilium online, making good progress on School Kids SG's book four, among other things, Motilium online cod. Motilium street price, Still, it was hard wondering what everyone was saying about this situation, Motilium treatment, Motilium blogs, or even if the subways were running.  In a culture that has grown to hate the telephone, having no other way but that to contact anyone turns you into a virtual pariah.  And of course it didn't help that most of my friends had been less fortunate than I, Motilium use, Is Motilium addictive, winding up stuck wherever they'd been on Christmas Day for the duration--I was left to alternately observe and block out the crisis on my own, listening for plows that didn't finally come until yesterday.  Why is it that whenever these major snowstorms strike New York City, buy Motilium no prescription, I'm either out of town or devoid of a sledding buddy.

Feeling stir crazy at one point, I walked as far through the borough as I could, searching for unique photo opportunities amid the chaos.  Here's what I came up with:

1227001527a 1227001528

1227001527 1227001525

Clockwise from top left: (1) Barely-visible cars on a sidestreet; (2) Abandoned car in the middle of an intersection; (3) More barely-visible cars and a highly-ironic, useless garage; (4) People hiking down the middle of an lifeless, unplowed major street (that barricade was a poor defense against the wind, it seems).


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