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All entries written in August, 2010

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Buy Altace Without Prescription, Sorry for the lack of a real post today--I'm visiting my parents in New Jersey, which provides an excellent opportunity to test that laptop I bought.  For the first time in my life, I can write for real (and update my website) on the road!  I'm typing this from my little sister's bedroom!  While she annoys me by shoving gay video game porn in my face!  It's a very interesting experience (working with my travel laptop, not having pornography forced on me) and I'm glad the money I spent on this new computer wasn't wasted.

Here's a photo from my cell phone of the computer booting up while I look over the manuscript-in-progress I brought along with me:


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Now that Buy Endep Without Prescription, was a rock concert.

I had my doubts at first--while waiting in a line that went all the way around a city block (!), buy Endep without a prescription, Endep natural, I had plenty of time to size up the audience, which only reinforced the nagging feeling that I was getting too old for this.  I had teenage douchebags to the left of me and adult douchebags, Endep pictures, Ordering Endep online, apparently waiting for Jersey Boys to start, on the right, fast shipping Endep, No prescription Endep online, and I felt conspicuous and exposed walking in alone.  But then I stamped out a cigarette some jerk threw near the two girls behind me (who were wearing sandals), and they thanked me, buy Endep no prescription, Endep price, which at least made me feel like a good samaritan.  I reminded myself that, once inside, Endep gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Endep wiki, no one else was going to give a crap about me.  I didn't need anyone's permission to be here.

The effects of the evening took a little while to sink in, Endep without prescription, Endep from canada, but all told, it was one of the best concerts I've been to.  The songs of Something Corporate don't typically make me feel excited and driven like some of my other favorite music--instead, doses Endep work, Endep long term, they makes me calm, clear, order Endep from United States pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, and reflective, and the live performance didn't disappoint.  Here's what they played, cheap Endep, Buy cheap Endep no rx, in no particular order:

  • I Woke Up in a Car

  • Space

  • Straw Dog

  • 21 and Invincible

  • Watch the Sky

  • Globes and Maps

  • Drunk Girl

  • Only Ashes

  • Ruthless

  • Down

  • Hurricane

  • Konstantine

  • Forget December

  • If You C Jordan

  • I Want to Save You

  • Me and the Moon

  • The Astronaut

  • Cavenaugh Park

  • Fall

  • She Paints Me Blue

  • Punk Rock Princess

So...I mean, wow.  All told, low dose Endep, Endep no rx, they were on stage for nearly two hours, with a long main set followed by what must have been a five-song encore.  I was surprised by how many of my favorites they played, comprar en línea Endep, comprar Endep baratos, Rx free Endep, especially among the slower tracks.  I really didn't expect "Me and the Moon," which has special resonance for me but is pretty depressing for a live show--with lyrics about a despairing housewife who murders her husband, herbal Endep, Endep no prescription, it's not exactly moshing material.   "Globes and Maps" is a brilliant song, Endep schedule, Where can i order Endep without prescription, one played so rarely that Andrew McMahon (after telling the audience how he'd once used it for a slow dance between Josh Partington and a past girlfriend) said he'd just relearned it hours earlier.  I was surprised to hear it if only because it's too intimate to even be called a ballad, and yet it took me right back to my days at Bard, order Endep from mexican pharmacy, Buy Endep from canada, walking down Robbins Road.  "Forget December" is truly ancient and, as Andrew noted, effects of Endep, Endep without a prescription, a Christmas song in the middle of summer, and "Watch the Sky, Endep coupon, Order Endep no prescription, " one of the songs that resonates most profoundly in my current life, wasn't even released in the US!  They really put together an eclectic and satisfying performance, get Endep. Endep reviews, I'm weird among Something Corporate fans in that I don't care much for "Konstantine," but I know that they almost never play it live, Endep used for, so it was gratifying to be part of something so special.  And I did get to hear my favorite of their songs, "Hurricane," though they let it wait for so late in the show that I was afraid they weren't going to include it--when it was announced, I forgot my decorum for a minute and pumped both fists.

I understand that one of the main reasons for the reunion tour is that the band wanted to revisit this music, tied inexorably to a part of their lives that's now past, and take the audience along on the same kind of journey.  For my part, at least, it was most interesting to discover how certain songs were still relevant to my life in new ways, while others cued up moments from anywhere between three and seven years ago.  You could see how the band's take on their music has evolved in the intervening time--one of the cutest moments of the show came when Andrew slightly altered the words of "21 and Invincible" to reflect the fact that he'd actually married the sweetheart he was only thinking about marrying when he first wrote it.  And hearing him compare "Ruthless" to that Double Rainbows video floating around on YouTube is either a gigantic reinterpretation of the song, or evidence of an evolved sense of sarcasm that could only come with age.

The band never seemed to tire, which, in Andrew's case, is particularly noteworthy--you'd never guess he was a leukemia survivor, watching him leap up and stand on his piano keys.  Add to the band's relentless energy and ceaseless fanservice the hope that maybe, just maybe, Something Corporate isn't gone for good, and you end up with a night that makes suffering through the indignities of the Roseland Ballroom well worthwhile.  Plus, unlike the last time I went to a concert with a significant contingent of high school kids, no one peed on my leg.

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Buy Torsemide Without Prescription, So something's been bugging me lately.

My writing directories (as in folders of computerzied files) are getting too huge to easily back up.  I find myself having to pick and choose what to copy to my thumbdrives, Torsemide from canadian pharmacy, Torsemide interactions, or to a DVD+R, at any given time.  And if I really want to back up everything at once, order Torsemide online overnight delivery no prescription, Purchase Torsemide online no prescription, I have to do it in multiple phases, which takes forever.  I know it must seem ridiculous that my writing files exceed the capacity of a DVD--this is due in large part to my artwork folder (which contains book covers, Torsemide mg, Where can i find Torsemide online, high-quality versions of website images, etc.), buy Torsemide online no prescription, Buy Torsemide online cod, but Microsoft Word loves to choke my SKSG folder with hidden, temporary files, Torsemide dose, Is Torsemide addictive, so that's not as small as you'd think, either.  And in any case, Torsemide pics, Torsemide alternatives, sometimes it's hard to remember what I have or haven't backed up recently--I'd never have to worry if my directories were small enough to back up all together, every time, what is Torsemide, Generic Torsemide, without it taking like an hour.

So I've started contemplating a major directory reorganization, buy generic Torsemide, Discount Torsemide, one that would not only allow me to easily target and clear out stuff I never use or look at anymore (e.g. the design for this website circa 2003), where to buy Torsemide, Torsemide use, but would also make it easy for me to switch between writing on my main computer and that miniature laptop I just bought without getting confused about which draft of something is the most current.  Basically, each story would get its own folder, buy Torsemide without prescription, Torsemide trusted pharmacy reviews, and every draft would be named not by the story's title, but by the draft's date, Torsemide results, Torsemide maximum dosage, in the highly-sortable format I once used to update The Trio of Triumph.  For example, a draft dated today would be named 20100816.doc; you'd only know which story it was a draft of based on which folder it was in.  This is more or less already how I handle stories on the verge of publication (it's how I finished up books one through three of SKSG, Torsemide blogs, Torsemide cost, in fact), so I know that it's useful, buy no prescription Torsemide online, Order Torsemide online c.o.d, and would be even more so if I codified the process a bit more.

The only hitch that's holding me back is that this system--standardized, australia, uk, us, usa, Where can i cheapest Torsemide online, efficient, and scaleable--sounds an awful lot like something a big, Torsemide description, Torsemide recreational, faceless corporation would do.  What if the relative chaos in which I operate is the heart of my work?  Will putting any thought at all into my process serve to strip all the fun out of it?  Is it possible, as some of the Japanese writings I read in college might have said, Torsemide brand name, Torsemide dosage, that by bathing my work in the light of planned efficiency, I'd destroy the shadows that naturally trace the contours of what I do?  About a year ago, online Torsemide without a prescription, Torsemide treatment, I made a similar change to the structure of my artwork directory (starting to organize the files by category rather than by month), and it hasn't bothered me, Torsemide samples, but I didn't go anywhere near as far as I'm contemplating now.  I'm scared that the more I consciously try to tailor my writing to the predicted rhythms of a mundane day, the more I examine how it works and how I can make it work "better," the less of a primal and beautiful thing it will be.  It would not be worth damaging my inner eye just to avoid spending an extra five minutes checking the "Modified" dates on loose files.

If I went through with this, it would be the first time I'd changed how my writing was stored since something like 1999.  So, what do people think?  Especially for the writers out there in the audience, is the overall concept I'm getting at here something you've ever thought about?  What would you do if you were me?  (For additional color, keep in mind that part of the reason I got the laptop was so that I could contemplate writing at someone else's house, if I ever get into a relationship. That's a very powerful incentive to make the laptop as useful as possible.).

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Writing in General - This site isn't set up for me to talk about much aside from School Kids SG Buy Finpecia Without Prescription, , but I've actually had a ton of creative energy lately, and I've been pouring it into a variety of different projects, SKSG included.  It's almost like I can't control what happens on any given night--like the stories want to be written, and they're jockeying with each other for a better position in line.  It's so gratifying to see those stacks of paper getting ever taller...sometimes, I toy with the notion that it would be nicer if I decided what type of energy flowed through me at any given time, but that's the businessman's approach to writing, and no matter how much time I spend in New York City I will always have the soul of an artist.  If that's not too arrogant of a thing to say.

For those who are interested in the writing and publishing process, purchase Finpecia online, After Finpecia, here's a bit of breaking insight: I've started using manual duplex printing to put two-sided pages on three-hole paper, which I then put into binders for the editing phase.  It's convenient and it saves a ton of money (also space, is Finpecia safe, Finpecia street price, which is no small concern for those of us who live in small apartments).

SKSG Specifically - I'm slowly sprucing up the Facebook page--keep an eye on it.  There's going to be a major advertising push this summer and fall, Finpecia australia, uk, us, usa, Finpecia dangers, so that I can get more people into the first three books before I move further along with book four.  Anyone who has friends they think might be into my stuff, please spread the word!  And thanks very much to those who have already done so (you know who you are), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Finpecia price, coupon, Scott Pilgrim - Well, let's see, Finpecia pharmacy, Finpecia steet value, I posted about receiving the first volume of Scott Pilgrim on...July 29th?  It is now August 13th and I've read five out of six.  The fifth in a single sitting--I can't remember the last time I did that.  I mean, it helps that comic books move faster than pure prose, buying Finpecia online over the counter, Online buying Finpecia hcl, but I seriously have not been able to put this story down, and that's not something I say often.  When I was younger (i.e., Finpecia online cod, Finpecia for sale, up to and including my last year of college), I would deliberately go slow when reading books or playing video games, my Finpecia experience, Where can i buy Finpecia online, to savor the experience, but I don't think I could slow down here if I tried.  Looks like I might be done in time to catch the movie in theaters after all, purchase Finpecia. Finpecia overnight, Rock Show - I'm seeing Something Corporate tonight!  A show where I will probably be the only man in the audience!  Eh-heh.  Nevertheless, this might be my only chance ever to see them live, kjøpe Finpecia på nett, köpa Finpecia online, Finpecia photos, so there's no way I can pass it up.  I'll post a report here at some point, I'm sure, where can i buy cheapest Finpecia online. Online buy Finpecia without a prescription. Finpecia duration. Buy cheap Finpecia. Finpecia from mexico. Cheap Finpecia no rx. Finpecia class. Buy Finpecia from mexico. Finpecia forum. About Finpecia. Finpecia canada, mexico, india. Taking Finpecia. Real brand Finpecia online. Finpecia over the counter. Finpecia images.

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Buy Bactrim Without Prescription, Wooo!  At long last, Microsoft loves can rejoice!  I mean, don't get me wrong--this site still looks way better in Firefox, but none of the remaining IE quirks (mostly spacing or alignment-related) should get in the way of the content.  Let me know if I'm wrong. Online buying Bactrim. Bactrim used for. Bactrim pics. Bactrim brand name. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Cheap Bactrim no rx. Effects of Bactrim. Bactrim description. Bactrim for sale. Bactrim interactions. Buy Bactrim online cod. Comprar en línea Bactrim, comprar Bactrim baratos. Bactrim mg. Cheap Bactrim. Bactrim no rx. Bactrim results. Online buy Bactrim without a prescription. Order Bactrim no prescription. Order Bactrim online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy generic Bactrim. Purchase Bactrim for sale. Get Bactrim. Bactrim duration. No prescription Bactrim online. Buy Bactrim from canada. Is Bactrim safe. Bactrim over the counter. Bactrim without a prescription. Bactrim cost. Bactrim canada, mexico, india. Bactrim long term. Bactrim no prescription. Taking Bactrim. Bactrim pharmacy. Where can i buy cheapest Bactrim online.

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Buy Ephedraxin Without Prescription, There's not going to be a formal post today--instead, check around the site all weekend for updates to critical sections, including the Cast page, Episode Guide, and World of Woodvale.  Some things are up already!  I'll be posting a ton of new content as I complete the overhaul of the site and prepare it to help me sell some serious books (hint, hint).  See how many new things you can find. About Ephedraxin. Ephedraxin schedule. Where can i find Ephedraxin online. Where to buy Ephedraxin. Online buying Ephedraxin hcl. My Ephedraxin experience. Buying Ephedraxin online over the counter. Ephedraxin blogs. Ephedraxin from mexico. Ephedraxin recreational. Order Ephedraxin online c.o.d. Ephedraxin photos. Order Ephedraxin from United States pharmacy. Australia, uk, us, usa. Ephedraxin trusted pharmacy reviews. Purchase Ephedraxin. Ephedraxin natural. Where can i buy Ephedraxin online. Ephedraxin steet value. Ephedraxin images. Kjøpe Ephedraxin på nett, köpa Ephedraxin online. Ephedraxin coupon. Canada, mexico, india. Buy Ephedraxin without prescription. Ephedraxin forum. Buy Ephedraxin online no prescription. Ephedraxin dose. Purchase Ephedraxin online. Real brand Ephedraxin online. Buy Ephedraxin from mexico. Rx free Ephedraxin. Buy cheap Ephedraxin. Herbal Ephedraxin. Purchase Ephedraxin online no prescription. Ephedraxin price, coupon.

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Buy Tramaden Without Prescription, Hooray!  I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming together, but I'm not ready to call it 100% done yet.  For example, I won't know for a couple of days how it looks in resolutions higher or lower than 1024x768, and there are some elements (like the announcements and the official episode guide) that I'm still working on.  Expect the full shape of things to settle over the course of this week.  And, as always, if you see anything out of the ordinary (old layout breaking back in, error messages in German), just let me know.

For the first time, Tramaden pictures, Tramaden samples, I have a layout that's mostly-compatible with IE!  Microsoft lovers, rejoice, Tramaden alternatives. Tramaden from canada, Edit: Er, okay, buy no prescription Tramaden online, Buy Tramaden no prescription, now Microsoft lovers can rejoice.  The right-hand sidebar is no longer stretching itself out to infinity at high resolutions.  Whew.

Another Edit:  All right, generic Tramaden, Tramaden overnight, so apparently I don't know when Microsoft lovers can rejoice.  This hyper-expanding sidebar (a feature only visible in IE, as far as I know) is proving awfully stubborn.  I'll update again when I'm sure it's fixed--until then, Tramaden reviews, Tramaden class, use Firefox or, I guess, Tramaden australia, uk, us, usa, Is Tramaden addictive, shrink your window. A-heh.  Incidentally, online buying Tramaden, Where can i order Tramaden without prescription, if anyone uses Chrome or Opera or another third-party browser, please do chime in with how the site looks to you.  I'm not afraid to value the opinions of others, buy Tramaden without a prescription. Tramaden dangers. What is Tramaden. Tramaden online cod. Doses Tramaden work. Where can i cheapest Tramaden online. Low dose Tramaden. Order Tramaden from mexican pharmacy. Tramaden maximum dosage. Tramaden gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Tramaden without prescription. Tramaden from canadian pharmacy. Tramaden use. Tramaden street price. After Tramaden. Tramaden treatment. Online Tramaden without a prescription. Buy cheap Tramaden no rx. Tramaden wiki. Discount Tramaden. Tramaden dosage.

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