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All entries written in April, 2010

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Buy Retin-A 0,05 Without Prescription, Well!  Once again, I've been spending so much time writing stories this week that I didn't set aside time to write a post!  As I've done in the past, I'm going to take this opportunity to do something special.

Ever since high school, Retin-A 0,05 use, Retin-A 0,05 canada, mexico, india, I've made a habit of carrying a notebook around with me at all times (several, actually--there's usually one big one and a cluster of little ones, Retin-A 0,05 dosage, Buy cheap Retin-A 0,05 no rx, each of them with a specific purpose).  Many of my ideas, for School Kids SG and all sorts of other stories and creative endeavours, canada, mexico, india, Buying Retin-A 0,05 online over the counter, are born within.  I usually keep these notebooks and their contents secret, but today, Retin-A 0,05 pharmacy, Retin-A 0,05 blogs, you get to see a couple pages' worth of scans from the one I keep in my bag now.  Look close, and you might find the genesis of some things that have been published on this site--maybe even a glimpse of things yet to come, Retin-A 0,05 results. Retin-A 0,05 samples,

20100430_notebook-01 20100430_notebook-02

20100430_notebook-03 20100430_notebook-04

Okay, so maybe that last one is from an older notebook--but it's interesting, Retin-A 0,05 interactions, Buy Retin-A 0,05 without a prescription, right?

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I recently said Buy Lithium Carbonate Without Prescription, that Roger Ebert was "one of my favorite living writers."  I stand by that statement, though I think it may have been more accurate to say that he was one of my favorite living establishment writers, a field and a distinction which is rapidly eroding with the advent of the Internet (a good thing, if you ask me).  Ebert's movie reviews aren't the only reason I like him--his blog is also filled with excellent articles, and I almost always agree with his socio-political views.  That’s why it was so dismaying to see this post, wherein he concludes that video games can never be art.

Generally speaking, I found the Penny Arcade response to be not as well-argued as Ebert's initial salvo (which is a rarity in and of itself), Lithium Carbonate used for, Lithium Carbonate images, but that may be a byproduct of their apparent desire not to engage with this debate any more than necessary.  Still, I think that Gabe strikes close to the heart of the matter in an almost throwaway line near the middle of his contribution to the subject: he writes, Lithium Carbonate forum, Comprar en línea Lithium Carbonate, comprar Lithium Carbonate baratos, "Ebert has thrown his hat in with...short sighted critics who would rather debate what is or isn't art, rather than simply enjoy the work of artists."  This kind of side debate on the importance of defining art is something I've run into numerous times over the years, herbal Lithium Carbonate, Effects of Lithium Carbonate, and is a favorite pasttime of the pretentious.  Though I'm not saying that Ebert is, as a matter of course or personality, purchase Lithium Carbonate online, Lithium Carbonate class, pretentious--I found his article to be thoughtful and exploratory rather than out-of-hand dismissive--I will say that the angle from which he chooses to deliver his opinion does seem to have been informed by a prevailing academic philosophy, one which has long been susceptible to, Lithium Carbonate maximum dosage, About Lithium Carbonate, and even shaped by, pretentiousness, Lithium Carbonate without a prescription. Lithium Carbonate overnight, I'm talking about the tendency of critics and academics to speak in absolutes--to think, as Gabe alluded, Lithium Carbonate steet value, Cheap Lithium Carbonate, that they can definitively decide what is or isn't art, and that there's some merit to doing so because it allows them to put a creation on one side or the other of an imaginary line, doses Lithium Carbonate work, Purchase Lithium Carbonate online no prescription, a threshold below which said creation is no longer worthy of respect.  I have long believed that "art" is in the intention of the artist, and that it is beyond the power of anyone to definitively detect, after Lithium Carbonate, Where can i buy Lithium Carbonate online, because if you think about it this way, the "art" isn't necessarily part of what the audience experiences from the creative output (especially since each audience will approach it differently).  Actually, Lithium Carbonate natural, Lithium Carbonate description, a recent episode of South Park explored an excellent, and too-rarely made in my opinion, Lithium Carbonate wiki, Is Lithium Carbonate addictive, point about how the audience sometimes sees what it wants to see.  By this measure, "art" is beside the point, Lithium Carbonate street price, Buy no prescription Lithium Carbonate online, as perhaps it should be.  I think the practice of judging creative output because of what it is, rather than as what it is, Lithium Carbonate duration, No prescription Lithium Carbonate online, is a barrier to truly understanding a creator's work, and trying to place the output into some high-level category (art or non-art) only serves to pursue the "because" so that one need not expend the energy to examine the "as."

Ebert tries to explain why he excludes video games from the pantheon of art on the grounds that (a) they're collaborative, Lithium Carbonate over the counter, Buy Lithium Carbonate no prescription, and (b) they are interactive, with discrete, order Lithium Carbonate from United States pharmacy, Generic Lithium Carbonate, preset goals.  I may not agree that these things preclude art (having cited artistry in several games and believing, as I do, ordering Lithium Carbonate online, Lithium Carbonate schedule, that this is evidence of artistic intention and the love of creation), but I found it to be an interesting and internally-consistent viewpoint. However, online buy Lithium Carbonate without a prescription, it doesn’t really say anything about video games--it says something about Ebert’s feelings on art, and why he thinks he’s justified, through these feelings, in not making an attempt to understand video games. That's all well and good (even if I disagree with it), but it's the fact that he then goes on to make an indirect assessment of video games anyway that changes him from a critical figure into a judgmental one. Seeking to prove a moral or intellectual high ground and, more than anything, believing he has done so, tempts him to be didactic, saying things like "Why are gamers so intensely concerned, anyway, that games be defined as art...Do they require validation?", a statement which presumes not just correctness (a presumption I think a critic is entitled to), but superiority.  If you ask me, he'd be more persuasive if he stopped trying to map artistic topography and simply stated why he doesn't play video games, as opposed to why he thinks he's correct in having decided not to.  In doing the latter, and making this tactic his free pass to criticize video games without direct engagement, he falls back on an analytical convention steeped in pretentiousness, and thus comes off as pretentious.  I thought this was beneath him.

In a perverse way, though, Ebert's musing on whether or not gamers require validation may actually be a good lesson for creators.  After all, criticism that is judgmental, as opposed to constructive, only has any power over artists if they let it.  The day we seek to improve our work for the love of it, without needing validation, will be the day that pretentiousness becomes even less relevant than it already is, and that critics will engage with their chosen subject matter fully, without feeling some guilty need to explain why they chose or didn’t choose it.

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Buy Unisom Without Prescription, There's a thing--a thing I'm hoping will happen soon--that will put all this old stuff I've been sharing with you into an overarching context.  Until then, enjoy bug-eyed Jenn, graying-haired Preston, legless Mark, foot-rolling-away-from-him Flint, and a Main Hall that stretches into infinity!  Without a ceiling, no less.


And because I just stumbled across it now, Unisom no rx, Unisom online cod, have an even older rejected back cover image than the one I dug up the last time I posted something like this.  The cloud of people looks slightly better, but Lyle's hand looks far, where can i cheapest Unisom online, Where can i order Unisom without prescription, far worse.  You see why I draw with minimalism these days.


The most (or only) impressive thing about these images is that they were both made with Microsoft Paint.  Say what you will about the results, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Get Unisom, but I think I did a lot more with that program than most people.  On the other hand, Paint's limitations also help to explain why the title and byline are so out-of-scale, Unisom no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Unisom online, Speaking of Paint, I miss when you were able to save your custom colors in palette files.  Does anyone else remember that, online Unisom without a prescription. Unisom alternatives. Cheap Unisom no rx. Unisom for sale. Unisom recreational. Unisom dose. Buy Unisom from canada. Online buying Unisom. Unisom dangers. Buy cheap Unisom. Buy Unisom online cod. Unisom recreational. After Unisom. Unisom dangers. Rx free Unisom. Buy Unisom no prescription. Unisom street price. Unisom wiki. Unisom images. Unisom reviews. Unisom pics. Unisom without prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Unisom online. Unisom mg. Order Unisom no prescription. Unisom overnight. About Unisom.

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I've engaged in more world-building for School Kids SG Buy Suprax Without Prescription, (and, honestly, every other story or group of stories I've written) than anyone will probably ever know about.  For example, over the course of the last several years, I've been trying to map out all of Woodvale down to at least the level of the major roadways.  With lots of stories to work on and mundane, adult responsibilities absorbing most of my daylight hours, I don't usually have a lot of time to devote to on this project, but I come back to it every couple of months and push it along to whatever the next milestone is.  It's a lot of fun, and it's actually helped inspire some elements of the School Kids SG episodes themselves.

Even the draft map is nowhere near ready to see publication yet, buy Suprax without a prescription, Suprax australia, uk, us, usa, so today, I'm giving you something less sweeping but hopefully just as interesting: "mailing addresses" for all six SG Crew members.  Don't actually try to send them letters! This is fiction, discount Suprax, Online Suprax without a prescription, like 555 numbers in movies.  As a consolation prize, if you keep reading, online buying Suprax hcl, My Suprax experience, I'll try to tell you some of what each character might receive in his/her normal mail, and maybe a little about their houses, Suprax results. Buy Suprax from canada, I reserve the right to tweak all this around a bit later if I want to; remember, nothing is officially canon until you can buy it in print!  But hopefully, online buying Suprax, Suprax use, I've got my finger pretty close to the pulse of this world by now.

Markus P, Suprax long term. Is Suprax addictive, Daley
23 Grove Street
Woodvale, NJ  0761A

This house on Grove Street is the most important house in Woodvale history; several of my protagonists have lived there over the decades, order Suprax from United States pharmacy, Suprax alternatives, though of course Mark is the only one you've met so far.  Aside from his report cards and other school mailings, the most interesting thing Mark receives is his subscription to Rock On magazine, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Cheap Suprax, the AP of the Woodvale universe.  Preston got him into it.  You may have seen a little of Mark's house in several episodes (one and two in particular), but it's green and it sits on a little, Suprax pharmacy, Buy Suprax online no prescription, grassy hill just shy of the town line.  The Prattcorn River flows nearby.

Egan R, Buy Suprax Without Prescription. Wellington
62 McCall Place
Woodvale, fast shipping Suprax, Suprax interactions, NJ  0761A

I...actually don't have much to say about Egan in this context.  He doesn't seem like the type to get a lot of mail (though he probably pokes fun at the junk mail his dad receives).  We saw his house once in Blood and Brotherhood; you couldn't tell then, but he lives behind the Food Giant / R-Mart plaza, comprar en línea Suprax, comprar Suprax baratos, Order Suprax online c.o.d, where Damien works (see below).  I didn't make a big deal out of it at the time, but his property isn't the most pristine--there are old toys rusting in the elements, Suprax description, Suprax dosage, the grass and ivy are taking over, and so on.  That's what happens when you have a house populated by three (straight) guys, Suprax used for, Suprax brand name, I imagine.

Preston B, buy Suprax online cod. Suprax schedule, Manara
628 Sayer Place
Woodvale, NJ  0761A

Preston's house is right on the Woodvale/Mosstown border, buying Suprax online over the counter, What is Suprax, on a sidestreet just off a major, four-lane, ordering Suprax online, Suprax blogs, crosstown artery (Woodland Road).  He subscribes to Rock On like Mark does, and also to Kit, where to buy Suprax, Is Suprax safe, since he plays the drums (as seen in episode one).  Actually, Preston's neighborhood is pretty dense with the homes of Woodvale High just only know one of them so far.  And yet it's quiet enough that you can play hockey in the middle of the road without too too much interruption (see episode six), online buy Suprax without a prescription.

Jennifer L. Parsons
38 Dogwood Street
Buy Suprax Without Prescription, Columbia Twp., NJ  0772B

Fittingly for her (marginally) more delicate nature, Jenn's house may be the prettiest of the bunch.  It's a red Cape with a square front lawn that cars can never park near--there's a fire hydrant on her property--and there's a big, old dogwood tree beside the front walk.  I like to think there are a lot of dogwoods on "Dogwood Street" (I hope I don't have a reason to change the name later).  Hard to tell what mail she gets...Honor Society stuff, certainly, plus maybe something related to animals in general or marine biology in particular.  Actually, she's probably starting to get a lot of college solicitations (as is everyone else, I'll bet--except Mark, since he's younger).

Damien S. Cordova
112 Rowan Street
Columbia Twp., NJ  0772B

The big thing Damien has that no one else does (for now) is his own car.  That means things like registration and insurance renewals show up in his mailbox, as well as, probably, whatever the Woodvale equivalent of Geico offers are, and so on.  At some point, he also starts getting paychecks--this won't come up until book four, but Damien works part-time at Food Giant, one of the two grocery stores on the north side of town (the other is America's Grocer, which is more upscale).  This is to help him afford the costs associated with the car, most notably gas.

Nicholas M. Battano
109 Rowan Street
Columbia Twp., NJ  0772B

Nick and Damien have lived across the street from one another since they were little kids; actually, I believe I've mentioned how their street is notoriously toxic to your cell phone signal.  Nick's another boring one in terms of the mail he gets, though I bet he's still on the mailing list for St. Peter's, his old private school...that must lead to some interesting items (I'm thinking a newsletter with a title like "Jesus Advocates of the Prattcorn Valley").  He probably tells rude jokes about that stuff to the others, then immediately laments the fact that he's going to Hell.

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1) Playing The Lost Crown Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, - This game is even scarier than it seems at first, and so far, very smart.  For an adventure game, it doesn't feel particularly hard, but maybe I'm not the best one to judge.  Go read the review linked above to get an idea of what I'm experiencing.

2) Continuing to Scan My Old Files - I'm unearthing some lost gems as well as a veritable pile of true horrors.  Sadly, buy cheap Zelnorm no rx, Buy Zelnorm from mexico, most of the interesting stuff can't be discussed on here, for fear of giving elements of as-yet-unseen SKSG stories away.  Though I will give you these four words: Teenage Mutant Ninja Bunnies, Zelnorm treatment. Zelnorm class, 3) Writing, Writing, no prescription Zelnorm online, Zelnorm trusted pharmacy reviews, Writing - For the past several weeks, every spare minute that I'm not at my day job or sleeping (or cooling down by playing The Lost Crown) has been spent in front of my computer.  I'm working on something big...actually, herbal Zelnorm, Zelnorm for sale, several somethings big.  That means I haven't had much time to write posts for the site, hence this lame one.  So let me remind you again to follow me on Twitter!  I promise that when I'm done, Zelnorm from canadian pharmacy, Where can i cheapest Zelnorm online, it'll be worth the wait. Zelnorm dose. Zelnorm online cod. Australia, uk, us, usa. Zelnorm duration. Canada, mexico, india. Low dose Zelnorm. Zelnorm maximum dosage. Purchase Zelnorm. Get Zelnorm. Effects of Zelnorm. Zelnorm gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Zelnorm price, coupon. Zelnorm without a prescription. Zelnorm from mexico. Zelnorm no rx. Zelnorm pictures. Order Zelnorm from mexican pharmacy. Zelnorm from canada. Kjøpe Zelnorm på nett, köpa Zelnorm online. Zelnorm cost. Zelnorm photos. Zelnorm coupon. Zelnorm no prescription. Zelnorm samples. Purchase Zelnorm online no prescription.

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