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All entries written in February, 2010

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Buy Minocin Without Prescription, Here are the last few pages, before I forget for another two years or so.  Wow, Mark's internal monologue is really out-of-character and embarrassing!  As I've said, this project helped show me two things: (a) I like drawing, and (b) School Kids SG does not work as a comic book.  Just because I use a comic-book-infused stylesheet to help format my text (for anyone who's been wondering why there are so many bolded emphases in my stories, there's your explanation), and just because I may think in cartoon, doesn't mean I don't still prefer prose.  Text just suits my process better.

Once again, get Minocin, Minocin reviews, let me remind you of the much-better canon version.

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Someone's got my back up Buy Betapace Without Prescription, !  (Read the post first--it's a story we can all relate to, written by the always-entertaining Nick Antosca--then scroll down to the comments to see what I'm referring to). Betapace without a prescription. Purchase Betapace for sale. Betapace from mexico. Betapace overnight. Betapace gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Betapace pharmacy. My Betapace experience. Betapace price, coupon. Order Betapace from United States pharmacy. Cheap Betapace no rx. Where to buy Betapace. Low dose Betapace. Betapace schedule. Betapace class. Betapace images. Rx free Betapace. No prescription Betapace online. Purchase Betapace online no prescription. Kjøpe Betapace på nett, köpa Betapace online. Betapace trusted pharmacy reviews. Betapace no prescription. Buy Betapace from canada. Buy Betapace from mexico. Betapace dangers. Betapace from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Betapace online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Comprar en línea Betapace, comprar Betapace baratos. Where can i order Betapace without prescription. Betapace samples. Betapace gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Betapace overnight. Order Betapace from mexican pharmacy. Betapace brand name. Online Betapace without a prescription.

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Buy Nexium Without Prescription, So I was browsing through my archives, and I happened across this old post (try to ignore the embarrassing sales pitch if you can).  I had always planned to post the rest of the comic described there at some point, and now, Blood and Brotherhood has been out for long enough that I feel like I can start releasing the remaining pages.  Except for the fact that it's set in Comic Sans, I'm quite proud of this--it was my first real foray into Photoshop, and it taught me a lot that I would later build upon and use in making things like book covers and the images you see around the site.

Let me know what you think!  Oh, purchase Nexium for sale, Nexium duration, and don't forget to check out the canon version of this story.

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Buy Albendazole Without Prescription, Well, sort of.  See, my iPod is full of carefully-constructed "albums" that I use to remind myself of my various stories and series.  Some are works in progress, but some, like School Kids SG: Epiphany - Background Noise from Year One, have been more or less complete for years.  This is part of the soundtrack to all of School Kids SG--I shouldn't post all of it yet, since I've only published up to episode five so far, so consider this a start with the intent to continue later.

The following collection of tracks attempts to blend my personal taste in music with what I consider to be the sound of the series (in high-concept terms, Albendazole long term, Buy Albendazole without a prescription, that would be a blend between New Jersey sappy/pop/emo music and anime/videogame BGM).  Sometimes I hit a home run, sometimes I wind up with an artistically-appropriate song that I always skip when I'm just listening for fun (try to figure out which ones are which).  I doubt I can offer actual music downloads here without prompting some sort of legal action, where can i find Albendazole online, Cheap Albendazole, but if you have or can find all these songs and listen to them in this order, you may be able to see what I'm driving at.  Think of it as a scavenger hunt, buy Albendazole no prescription. Order Albendazole no prescription, 1)    Exodus - The Beginning (Theme of Mark) – Yellowcard/Way Away*
2)    Meet the SG Crew (Theme of Preston) – Blink-182/Dammit
3)    Selective Apathy (Theme of Egan) – Bon Jovi/Everyday
4)    Mother of the Family (Theme of Jenn) – Jessica Andrews/Who I Am
5)    The Pacifist (Theme of Nick) – Linkin Park/One Step Closer
6)    Quiet Yearning (Theme of Damien) – Creed/Higher
7)    The Fight for Peace. Mark Vs, Albendazole without a prescription. Albendazole from mexico, Lyle – Grandia II/Final Battle
8)    Strains of Chaos (Theme of the Incisors) – Nine Inch Nails/Terrible Lie
9)    The Search for Spencer – Glenn Frey/You Belong to the City
10)    The Dividers’ Last Stand – Thursday/Division St.
11)    Dance of the Memories – Fun Factory/Do You Miss Me, Albendazole description. Albendazole price, coupon, 12)    Darkness Just Behind (Theme of Silver) – Skies of Arcadia/Ramirez**
13)    School Spirit 2032 (Theme of Tre) – 2 Unlimited/Get Ready for This
14)    Homes for the Holidays (aka Red Christmas) – Metallica/Carol of the Bells

* In a previous version of this playlist, I sometimes substituted "It Doesn't Matter, Albendazole pictures, Order Albendazole from United States pharmacy, " Sonic's theme from Sonic Adventure, for this song, low dose Albendazole. Cheap Albendazole no rx, ** Try to find the extended version that was recorded directly from the game--it's much better than the official cut (the piano part alone is worth the extra time investment). Ordering Albendazole online. Buying Albendazole online over the counter. Albendazole used for. Doses Albendazole work. Purchase Albendazole. Albendazole blogs. Albendazole dose. Albendazole results. No prescription Albendazole online. Albendazole schedule. Albendazole no rx. Buy Albendazole without prescription. Fast shipping Albendazole. Albendazole treatment. Online buying Albendazole hcl. Albendazole for sale. Albendazole interactions. Where can i buy Albendazole online. Albendazole natural. Get Albendazole. Purchase Albendazole online.

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20100205_fires Buy Prilosec Without Prescription, Perhaps the most pleasant surprise about Nick Antosca is that he's not pretentious.  Generally speaking, I can't stand many of  today's "Literary" writers, largely because I think they (a) construct obtuse language, in the service of murky stories, just to show off the fact that they can; and (b) look down on anyone who doesn't approach fiction the same way.  Antosca, though, constructs artful sentences out of sometimes familiar, sometimes unusual words solely because he seems to, well, like words.  And unless I'm missing something, he has no agenda other than telling his tense and haunting story.

Fires was Antosca's debut novel (now nearly four years old), buy Prilosec no prescription, What is Prilosec, and I understand it's getting hard to find.  The plot follows Yale student Jon Danfield through a wild relationship with his troubled girlfriend, Ruth, herbal Prilosec, Real brand Prilosec online, before shifting gears to a moment in his past that demands to be faced.  All this is set against the backdrop of impending disaster, specifically a massive forest fire that threatens to swallow Jon's hometown of Bondurant, purchase Prilosec, Prilosec from canada, Maryland.  Fires is one of those books that gives you a peek at its second act right away, then backs up to take you through the events leading to that point.  I've seen this device used enough times to know that it's a hit-or-miss technique, kjøpe Prilosec på nett, köpa Prilosec online, Prilosec no rx, but it works here, possibly due to Antosca's education in film.  The aesthetic of the opening sequence ("glowing" sun outside juxtaposed with the darkness of the bedroom, Prilosec price, coupon, Prilosec overnight, and the quiet significance of the news report, about the fire, Prilosec samples, Prilosec street price, playing on the alarm clock) makes it feel ready-made for the screen, the introduction to an epic movie, Prilosec without prescription. Prilosec maximum dosage, The college scenes provide the necessary emotional set-up and nail the atmosphere of undergraduate life ("The apartment smells like hickory-flavored tobacco...some guy traps me, starts talking about magnets and macrobiotics...."), Prilosec description, Generic Prilosec, but for my money, the real story is in act two.  Drawn back to Bondurant alongside fellow Yalie and former high school classmate James Dearborn, where can i cheapest Prilosec online, Cheap Prilosec no rx, Jon sets out to investigate his hometown's most sinister secret, and enters a suburban wasteland.  The journey through evacuated Bondurant--sprinklers left running, cheap Prilosec, Effects of Prilosec, houses turned into ad-hoc camps for the two explorers, dogs abandoned, Prilosec canada, mexico, india, Discount Prilosec, a childhood history about to be destroyed, and a fire "magnificent and awful, Prilosec cost, Order Prilosec from United States pharmacy, like a chasm...on the mountainside" looming in the near distance--provide apocalyptic imagery so effective you can almost taste the heat.  Fires reminds me simultaneously of Scratches and Majora's Mask, hinting at the shadows beneath the mundane and making the reader know, Prilosec pics, Buy no prescription Prilosec online, feel, that time is running out, Prilosec mg, About Prilosec, the world is eroding away.

The characterizations are compelling, low dose Prilosec, Comprar en línea Prilosec, comprar Prilosec baratos, from the dark undercurrent running through the romantic triangle to the possibly-unintentional homoerotic overtones between Jon and James (I'm thinking particularly of one flashback).  It is these elements that lead the reader down the trail to a climax, a final destination that you expect yet can't predict.  That said, buy Prilosec from canada, Prilosec from mexico, the lushness and fullness of the setting and, yes, Prilosec pictures, Prilosec wiki, the words carefully chosen to impart it, are the main reasons I recommend this book.  Fires is a pleasant stroll through the unthinkable, online buying Prilosec.

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This is an archive of posts that expand on the universe of School Kids SG Buy Zyloprim Without Prescription, , lending some extra flavor to the episodes and helping to put events into a larger context.  World-building helps me write, so why not share?  Some of these things have even made it into the printed books.

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