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All entries written in December, 2009

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Buy Tretinoin Cream 0,05 Without Prescription, You know what I'm going to miss least about this decade?  That mantra I've been hearing since 1993 about how the new millennium "didn't begin" until 2001.  I understand the thinking behind it--call it the "foot in the door" theory--but really, were we not at all over the threshold until 12 months in?  Are we incapable of counting progress in units less than full years?  Of course not.

No one would say that the 1910s didn't begin until 1911; zero's just kind of a weird number.  As Paul Krugman (who I only like some of the time) said, purchase Tretinoin Cream 0,05, Order Tretinoin Cream 0,05 online c.o.d, we never even quite agreed on what to call this last decade.  Maybe this next year, which was once highly significant in a lot of sci-fi, fast shipping Tretinoin Cream 0,05, Tretinoin Cream 0,05 from canadian pharmacy, will bring us something fresher.

Also, Tretinoin Cream 0,05 pics, Online buy Tretinoin Cream 0,05 without a prescription, every year is bringing us closer and closer to Mark's 10/13/2013 birthdate.  That kinda weirds me out. After Tretinoin Cream 0,05. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 no rx. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 dangers. Generic Tretinoin Cream 0,05. Discount Tretinoin Cream 0,05. Buying Tretinoin Cream 0,05 online over the counter. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 overnight. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 images. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 long term. Order Tretinoin Cream 0,05 from mexican pharmacy. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 samples. Buy Tretinoin Cream 0,05 without prescription. Low dose Tretinoin Cream 0,05. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 steet value. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 canada, mexico, india. Online Tretinoin Cream 0,05 without a prescription. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 mg. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 alternatives. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 schedule. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 price. Buy Tretinoin Cream 0,05 no prescription. Where can i order Tretinoin Cream 0,05 without prescription. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 trusted pharmacy reviews. Effects of Tretinoin Cream 0,05. Kjøpe Tretinoin Cream 0,05 på nett, köpa Tretinoin Cream 0,05 online. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 maximum dosage. Tretinoin Cream 0,05 without prescription.

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20091225_christmas-tree Buy Atorlip-20 Without Prescription, That's the artificial tree I bought from Duane Reade; the lights on the top half go in and out.  Those presents are for my family, who I will be seeing this weekend.

You don't mind if I take today off, buy Atorlip-20 from canada, Atorlip-20 online cod, do you?  Many of you are probably involved with holiday celebrations of your own anyway.  If you really want some content today, I recommend you check out Other People's Business, buy generic Atorlip-20, Doses Atorlip-20 work, the third excellent comic created by K. Fuhr--I myself just got caught up.  Or perhaps read about the passage of health care reform, Atorlip-20 dose, Atorlip-20 cost, which may be the best Christmas present of all.

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Buy Silagra Without Prescription, Well, not production art, really--these were considered finished pictures in their day.  Desktop wallpapers, in fact, which should help to explain the presence of the raunchy old SKSG logo in the middle one (which, actually, has been featured on this site before, in segmented form).  Except for the first one, none of these is really in active duty at the moment, and most of them are metaphorical representations of series events rather than literal depictions.

Let me know what you think, buy cheap Silagra. Silagra used for,

20091218_oldwallpaper01 20091218_oldwallpaper02 20091218_oldwallpaper03

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Whaaaaaat?!! Buy Meclizine Without Prescription, Okay, let's get one thing straight: I love Megaman games, and on the surface of it, I have absolutely no problem with the concept of a flying Sheep Man who shoots lightning.  This new game is a very exciting thing for me.  But what cranks the weirdness/shock level up to ten is the fact that I've been collaborating on a comic series for the last 16 years (off and on) that also features a character named Sheepman.

The series in question is The Trio of Triumph--click that link to go to my and Chris Unger's long-abandoned ComicGenesis website.  Hell, taking Meclizine, Meclizine used for, when we joined it was still called Keenspace!  I dare you to read some of those nearly-illegible comic strips, which would likely be incomprehensible to anyone but me and Chris even if you could make them out.  Don't get me wrong, low dose Meclizine, Purchase Meclizine online, I adore The Trio of Triumph, and I'd be tickled beyond belief to get an outside fan or two, Meclizine natural, Meclizine cost, but my collaborator and I really write these things for ourselves.  Recently, we've been talking about an episode featuring the discount store called Jembro...already, Meclizine recreational, Meclizine australia, uk, us, usa, you don't get it, I'm sure, online buying Meclizine. Meclizine alternatives, But the real point I'm trying to make today is that TOT already had a bunch of character names in common with the Megaman series, which renders the already-improbable Sheepman coincidence even more absurd.  For example, Meclizine from mexico, Online Meclizine without a prescription, one of the titular heroes is named Quickman, and the villain (whose foibles are arguably the strip's main focus at this point) is named Airman...both of these were also the names of bosses in Megaman 2!  I was going to say something about how they were also fairly generic names (especially in a continuity that features the likes of Mega Butt-Kicker and Deadly Lawyer), Meclizine maximum dosage, Meclizine pics, but then I realized that my next hyperlink below goes to a TOT page mentioning Dr. Wily, buy Meclizine from mexico, Discount Meclizine, so maybe it's pointless to pretend we weren't directly inspired by the game.  Battel, Airman's sidekick, Meclizine pharmacy, Meclizine dose, was also drawn to be sort of reminiscent of a Megaman 2 fortress boss.

The other two protagonists, no prescription Meclizine online, Where to buy Meclizine, though, are named Dark Jacket Fighter and Sheepman, order Meclizine from United States pharmacy, Meclizine use, and I really don't think Chris or I expected either of those to be duplicated somewhere else, let alone in the same series of video games that helped inspire us more than a decade ago.  The first thing I did when I read the article linked above was to call Chris and tell him that Megaman 10 had been announced, Meclizine without prescription, Fast shipping Meclizine, and that one boss had been revealed.

"Oh my God, Meclizine without a prescription, Buy Meclizine online cod, it's Sheepman, isn't it?" he said, Meclizine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Meclizine photos, catching on right away.  And another flying Sheepman at that--I remember us laughing at the absurdity of a flying sheep as far back as third grade.

Well, buy Meclizine from canada, Meclizine from canada, we could prove we had him first if we wanted to, but I doubt that anyone would care.  For now, Meclizine wiki, Online buy Meclizine without a prescription, I leave you with another link to The Trio of Triumph (this one goes to the start of the "Commemorative Issue," simultaneously the best and least accessible story arc, Meclizine long term, Purchase Meclizine for sale, I think), and an encouragement to go check it out.  If you laugh in any way whatsoever, order Meclizine online overnight delivery no prescription, we have succeeded.

I've actually had visions of a bound and annotated TOT collection--maybe one of these years.  Do say something if you're interested.  There's a lot more to this series than what appears on ComicGenesis.

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I've been writing like crazy the past two weeks--I love it when that happens.  I've also been continuing the project I mentioned Buy Hyzaar Without Prescription, a while back, scanning and organizing my old writing papers.  It's been fun...I'm unearthing things I had completely forgotten about (for good reason, in some cases).

Something similar I did recently was to examine a bunch of old CDs and rescue some forgotten MS Paint artwork from my high school days, buy Hyzaar online no prescription, Hyzaar description, back when School Kids SG was first being conceived.  These drawings are pretty hilarious; a friend and I laughed 0ver a profile picture of Preston in which his head is as wide as his torso (it took me years to get proportions right).  In the spirit of fun, I've decided to share four of my favorites below.  Click on the "keep reading" link for captions, effects of Hyzaar. Kjøpe Hyzaar på nett, köpa Hyzaar online,

20091204_reclaimedbitmaps01 20091204_reclaimedbitmaps02

20091204_reclaimedbitmaps03 20091204_reclaimedbitmaps04

Clockwise from top-left:

1) The aforementioned picture of Preston.  I don't know how those legs are supporting him.

2) "House of Truth."  Note the off-model characters (Egan in an outfit I wound up not using, Hyzaar online cod, Hyzaar class, Silver with his jacket colored wrong, Preston in faded pants).  Aside from the fact that Mark is much taller than all of those mirrors, Hyzaar price, coupon, Hyzaar trusted pharmacy reviews, Jenn is probably the worst offense in this picture.  This was back when I believed that the way to draw women was to give them a torso the size and shape of a pool cover (basically the same torso as the men) and then scribble in basketball-esque boob lines.  She looks like a 50-year-old math teacher.  I apologize to every female I've ever known for letting this picture see the light of day.

3) Unused back cover for The Gauntlet.  Judging by the position of the few exposed limbs, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Purchase Hyzaar online no prescription, the people inside the dust cloud behind Lyle must be rolling around like they're stuck to a Katamari.  The art on the bottom is newer than the art on the top; you can see that I was starting to get the hang of it.

4) Early, Hyzaar no rx, Real brand Hyzaar online, early Incisors poster highlighting an off-model Chaos Master, another rejected Egan outfit, Hyzaar brand name, Cheap Hyzaar no rx, some characters who haven't appeared in the canon series yet, and Mark on the worst hair day of his life.  It's worth noting that I did the lighting effects by hand, order Hyzaar online c.o.d, Where can i order Hyzaar without prescription, slowly--Photoshop proved to be much more intuitive for that sort of thing.  My friend is fond of referring to the "effect" on display above and below Mark as "characters buried up to their necks in sand.". Is Hyzaar safe. Hyzaar forum. What is Hyzaar. Hyzaar street price. About Hyzaar. Where can i find Hyzaar online. Hyzaar from canadian pharmacy. Hyzaar interactions. Hyzaar images. Buy Hyzaar without a prescription. Buy no prescription Hyzaar online. Hyzaar pictures. Hyzaar treatment. Hyzaar reviews. Hyzaar duration. Online buying Hyzaar hcl. My Hyzaar experience. Buy Hyzaar no prescription. Generic Hyzaar.

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