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Been quite a while since I've posted one of these (and my Buy Chloromycetin Without Prescription, last, much more rudimentary, wallpaper also featured the Mapleridge lookout).  As I was preparing the new image you see when you enter the site from the front, I decided that it might look good as a desktop wallpaper--I'm using it myself right now.  I can't vouch for this thing on Macs, since I don't have one, but Windows machines should do fine with it.


1024 x 7681280 x 1024

Since this isn't much of an update by itself, I thought I'd give a bit of insight into how this image came to be.  Keep reading if you're interested.

The artwork for The Arc of Time really took on a life of its own past a certain point.  You may recognize this version of Mark, with the blue scarf, from the cover of said book, and also from the image on the current site sidebar.  That is what Mark will look like at age 18, two years older than he is at this point in School Kids SGThe Arc of Time represents kind of a turning point for Mark, and as I was designing the actual book, the art suddenly started to be about an older Mark looking back at those episodes in his life.  It snuck up on me, and it let me look at the stories in the book from an interesting new angle.  Come to think of it, knowing that Mark is 18 adds a different dimension to the wallpaper art as well.

As for the actual drawing process, almost all of my images start out with #2.5 pencil on printer paper.  I don't "ink" the drawings per se--the scanner turns the lines black, and I use the magic wand tool in Photoshop to select them all, then turn the selection into a work path and stroke it with a certain size pencil tool.  From there on, it's largely a matter of using the paint bucket to fill the lines in.  Sometimes, I'll do some extra drawing in post; for example, the stone wall in front of Mark was all hand-drawn on the computer (I couldn't come up with a pattern that made it look decent).  Lighting effects and gradients come last.  I do a dissolve gradient at 95% visibility to get that grainy effect, and lighting effects are actually done in reverse--that is, I select all the color areas I want to shade and deselect the little sections I want to appear lit.  The lights of the houses are just individual taps of the airbrush tool, and the Rockport radio tower, which you can barely see in the background, was just kind of an afterthought--I almost forgot you could see it from this angle.

So, that's how I do my art!  I hope this has been enlightening.

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Buy Effexor XR Without Prescription, Hey there, you've found the official card game of School Kids SG!  Ralphball is an original creation of Jonathan V. Cann and Christopher J, purchase Effexor XR. Where to buy Effexor XR, Unger, and has proven to be a big hit at parties.  I encourage you to give it a try and, Effexor XR alternatives, Effexor XR trusted pharmacy reviews, if you like it, to tell as many of your friends as possible.  Any number of people can play it, Effexor XR mg, Effexor XR images, as long as you have enough cards to go around--the bigger the group, the better the fun, buy Effexor XR without a prescription. Where can i find Effexor XR online, The rules of Ralphball are available (and featured) in The Arc of Time, but they will also remain online for quick and easy reference, kjøpe Effexor XR på nett, köpa Effexor XR online, Purchase Effexor XR online, and for convenient sharing.  Enjoy.

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Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, I've lived in Queens for over two years now, and for almost all of that time, I've been shopping at the same supermarket at least once a week.  Sometimes twice.  They have a nice, big selection, good meat, and they were constantly improving the layout and space organization of their store.

Wednesday afternoon, order Lipitor from United States pharmacy, Lipitor reviews, I walked in on my way home from work to stock up on frozen waffles, and turned right around to walk out for the last time, generic Lipitor. Lipitor from canadian pharmacy, Why.

Let me explain something about my philosophy of living: I don't shop at any store that treats me like a criminal.  This has led me to write off a bunch of music and especially comic stores over the years, buy Lipitor no prescription, Lipitor treatment, plus the five and ten in the town I grew up in.  I just don't think it's right for shopkeepers to stare at, or worse, cheap Lipitor, Ordering Lipitor online, follow their customers around just because they think they have the potential to steal.  The thing that always used to get me the most was when retailers would profile kids...certain parts of our society treat teenagers like sociopaths, and we wonder why one of them goes off every couple of years, online buying Lipitor hcl. Online buy Lipitor without a prescription, Anyway.  Another form of what I consider unacceptable policy is when a store makes you check your bag at the door.  It bothers me that so many people are okay with that.  Why should we consent to be treated like shoplifters if we've done nothing wrong?  It's not everyone's fault that a few items may disappear from your shelf every year, so why should everyone assume responsibility for helping retailers cast an unreasonably wide net?  There are certain kinds of stores where one can expect to confront this practice more often than they might elsewhere--I've already listed comic and music shops, Lipitor gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Purchase Lipitor online no prescription, and some bookstores check bags, too.  But a supermarket, order Lipitor online overnight delivery no prescription. Lipitor coupon, A part of me wishes I'd said something more than "" before I walked out, in order to better express the full nature and reason of my disgust.  The new policy of what was once my favorite store is more obnoxious than any other iteration of wide-net anti-shoplifting policy I've ever seen before, online buying Lipitor, Lipitor recreational, because the holes in the entire theory of it are more obvious here than anyplace else.  There are no less than 10 closed-circuit cameras in the store, the readouts of which are prominently displayed as you enter--shouldn't that be enough to identify and isolate any real shoplifters?  In a free society, order Lipitor no prescription, Lipitor from canada, you may be able to reserve the right to do whatever you want in your own house or place of business, but what makes you think that this allows you to infringe on the rights of others to privacy, Lipitor photos, Rx free Lipitor, dignity, and personal space, effects of Lipitor, After Lipitor, for no reason at all?  Finally, no person other than the owner is going to take as much care with or pay as much attention to their precious belongings--what gives you the right to say that the safety and sanctity of my bag is less important than whatever sum a year you lose to shrink?  I do not trust the employees of any store to keep a close eye on my things (and if the logic of the bag check system is that everyone is equally likely to shoplift, ordering Lipitor online, Purchase Lipitor online, the employees could be shoplifters themselves and steal from me), but this particular operation was unusually blatant in the way that the door girl was just dumping customers' bags onto the dusty floor where anybody (including her) could step on them, Lipitor duration, Lipitor alternatives, and right near the front door, where a quick passerby could steal them!  Is this how stores repay and respect the loyal customers who have allowed them to survive and sometimes even thrive in this period of economic crisis, where can i order Lipitor without prescription. Lipitor long term, Let me stress that I do understand the plight of businesses, especially small ones--shop owners have to make a certain amount of money to stay in solvent, buy cheap Lipitor, Where can i cheapest Lipitor online, and shop associates both need and deserve to keep their jobs.  Still, I have never once heard of a store being shoplifted out of business; there are many other, Lipitor class, Lipitor dosage, more important factors that play into making a profit.  The point I'm making is that traditional, invisible security that confronts only actual shoplifters is the way to go if it's done right.  A security guard or manager who can't catch a shoplifter with an entire network of closed-circuit cameras is lazy or in need of additional training, Lipitor schedule, Australia, uk, us, usa, period.  The unfriendly, guilty-until-proven-innocent system that has come into use in New York and elsewhere isn't just undesireable, Lipitor description, it's amoral--what kind of message do we send to our youth if we treat all behavior the same way we treat bad behavior.

So if you shop at any store that treats its customers this way, I encourage you, too, to find someplace else to go, because the more we act like this kind of behavior is okay, the more it becomes accepted as okay.  It is the responsibility of every free-thinking and fair-minded American to demand fairness and respect in every aspect of their day-to-day lives.  Let's send a message to comic shop owners, lazy store managers and uptight music retailers everywhere: punsih the bad, spare the good.

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Just saw something fairly galling on Fox--The Simpsons Buy Vantin Without Prescription, , season 12 is out on DVD this week, and they're using footage from season 2 to advertise it!  What, they couldn't find even one worthy moment from the actual season to back up their (admittedly facetious) claim of "best season ever?"  Doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. Is Vantin addictive. Is Vantin safe. Where can i order Vantin without prescription. Vantin blogs. Discount Vantin. Rx free Vantin. Vantin from mexico. Cheap Vantin no rx. Fast shipping Vantin. Buy cheap Vantin. Vantin maximum dosage. Vantin without a prescription. Buy cheap Vantin no rx. Vantin dose. Vantin steet value. Vantin description. Australia, uk, us, usa. Vantin street price. Buy no prescription Vantin online. Where can i buy Vantin online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Vantin natural. Vantin photos. Vantin canada, mexico, india. Online Vantin without a prescription. Vantin duration. Buy Vantin online no prescription. Vantin used for. Vantin price. Vantin long term. Where can i buy cheapest Vantin online. My Vantin experience. Vantin use. Vantin dangers. Buy Vantin from canada.

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Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, And now, something fun!  I've been discovering and playing a lot of indie computer games lately, mostly thanks to this guy DeceasedCrab's YouTube channel (I can't tell if he's still updating it or not), which I was pointed to via link to a Legacy of the Wizard playthrough on the now-defunct 61 Frames Per Second.  It's entertaining to a point (the point being the moment at which I'd rather play video games than watch someone else play them), but the main draw of these videos was that they exposed me to all sorts of games I'd never otherwise have heard of.

A friend of mine came over recently and, Zovirax coupon, Buy Zovirax from canada, once I got his interest piqued, I actually wound up doing demos of a bunch of these games.  I'd like to share the list with whoever might be reading this in the hopes of promoting fun and awareness of ways to have fun:

Braid - This one has to top the list because I know the guy who did the art for it (well, Zovirax online cod, Buy Zovirax online no prescription, indirectly, but still).  I actually found this game without the help of DeceasedCrab--in fact, no prescription Zovirax online, Online buy Zovirax without a prescription, I followed it all through development and crawled the walls waiting for a PC version to be released.  The game is about time travel, puzzle pieces, buy Zovirax online cod, About Zovirax, and the human conditions.  Download the demo and/or buy it from Greenhouse.

La-Mulana - Without a doubt, Zovirax without a prescription, Buy cheap Zovirax no rx, one of the most mind-capturing games I've played in the last several years.  La-Mulana sucks you into a world all its own, its soundtrack is awesome, order Zovirax from mexican pharmacy, Doses Zovirax work, and the game itself is so huge there's a whole wiki devoted to it (I'm not linking to it here because I don't want anybody to stumble onto spoilers by accident).  It's also really, really hard--you have to buy the ability to save, my Zovirax experience, Zovirax blogs, for God's sake!  And there will be moments when you need the video walkthrough on the YouTube page linked above.  If seeing the aesthetic of old, 8-bit games approached with modern intelligence sounds good to you, is Zovirax safe, Zovirax steet value, get this game (and the patch, which translates it to English).  The high-quality soundtrack wouldn't be a bad idea, Zovirax pics, Zovirax maximum dosage, either--just click the "Download File" link to get to the track list.

The Power - A fairly short but competent Metroidvania-like game with a moderate learning curve.  Comes with no music of its own, Zovirax without prescription, Low dose Zovirax, but the art style and sound effects are both highly pleasant.  Get it here, or search for "The Power" and "Alexitron" if that link goes bad at some point (I seem to remember having to try a few sites to find a working link to this game), discount Zovirax. Zovirax street price, Eversion - The less I say about this one, the better--its greatest strength is its power to surprise you.  Download from here, herbal Zovirax, Online Zovirax without a prescription, and heed the warning on the opening screen....

I would add Cave Story to this list, comprar en línea Zovirax, comprar Zovirax baratos, Zovirax recreational, but I only just started it last Saturday (plus everyone already seems to know about Cave Story).  If my first impressions hold, though, Zovirax natural, Where can i buy Zovirax online, recommending it will be a no-brainer. Zovirax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Purchase Zovirax for sale. Online buying Zovirax. Zovirax samples. Buy generic Zovirax. Buy Zovirax no prescription. Kjøpe Zovirax på nett, köpa Zovirax online.

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This thing was built by a Bard professor Buy Zanaflex Without Prescription, !  Whoa. Purchase Zanaflex online no prescription. Cheap Zanaflex. Canada, mexico, india. Zanaflex reviews. Buy Zanaflex without a prescription. Zanaflex pharmacy. Order Zanaflex online c.o.d. Zanaflex price, coupon. Zanaflex use. Zanaflex pictures. Zanaflex canada, mexico, india. Zanaflex from mexico. Fast shipping Zanaflex. Zanaflex australia, uk, us, usa. Buying Zanaflex online over the counter. Zanaflex trusted pharmacy reviews. Generic Zanaflex. Zanaflex dangers. Zanaflex no prescription. Zanaflex from canadian pharmacy. Real brand Zanaflex online. Order Zanaflex from United States pharmacy. Zanaflex overnight. Zanaflex cost. Zanaflex wiki. Zanaflex interactions. Zanaflex no rx. Is Zanaflex addictive. Where can i buy cheapest Zanaflex online. Buy Zanaflex from mexico. Online buying Zanaflex hcl. Zanaflex brand name. Zanaflex forum. Where can i find Zanaflex online. Order Zanaflex online overnight delivery no prescription.

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