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Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, The Chaos Master didn’t get out much anymore, but then, he didn’t need to. As leader of the Church of Chaos, which was known on the streets as a gang called the Incisors, he had thousands of children to carry out his work in the world for him.

The children did their jobs as assigned to them by the Brothers and Sisters, recognizable by red armbands bearing the symbol of their religion—the fang. Just as their factions’ worth of children reported to them, so did they report to the Mothers and Fathers, of which there was one for each of New York City’s five boroughs. These regional sub-bosses got their instructions from the Master himself, and thus the chain, and the family, were complete.

Aside from the Mothers and Fathers, most of the gang-cult rarely saw their Master. He remained hidden in a hooded cloak, distorted in voice by an electronic scrambler, and locked up in a dark throne room in the Chaos Temple, the center of the Incisors’ power. Very few knew what this place was, and even fewer had been trusted with its location.

Running a religion was hard work, so it had made sense for the Chaos Master to delegate some of his authority, freeing him up for tactical tasks that he could just as easily complete from the temple. It didn’t matter that he was rarely seen on the streets: even from his seat, the Master exerted an amount of power so terrifyingly great that many New Yorkers preferred simply to doubt his existence.

But on one cold night in mid-November, the only thing the Chaos Master saw fit to do was read over a folder’s worth of information.

The stapled pages in his right hand seemed to be of greatest interest:




The name “SG Crew” sounds like a standard, yearbook-type name for a group of high-schoolers, not like the name of a vigilante group. There are six of them total, aged between 16 and 17. Five are in their junior year, and the sixth is in his sophomore year. A list of them (in alphabetical order) follows. Updated 11/25/29 – as requested, I have performed additional inquiries into each of the six individually. I will continue to expand on these inquiries until further notice.

Battano, Nicholas – Physically, Clonidine price, he seems to be the strongest of the group, but reliable sources testify that he is a pacifist who will not directly attack anyone under any circumstances (though evidence from the Second Great Hallway War [see previous report] would seem to suggest that he sometimes compensates by fighting indirectly, i.e. scare tactics). Eyewitness accounts of the Daccat incident confirm this. Battano was also once known for his promiscuity, which stems back to a year spent in private school (St. Peter’s Academy, Old Bridge, NJ).

Cordova, order Clonidine no prescription, Damien – Oldest of the group and the only licensed driver. Known as a quiet and relaxed sort of person. Nothing else of interest. Updated 11/25/29 – According to the local newspaper, Cordova ran away from home earlier this month, accompanied by two other Woodvale High students, one of whom was Spencer Raleigh, a former Brooklyn resident and member of the Division Gang. With this information, we now know how the incident on Division Street took place: Cordova and the other two drove to the Dividers’ hideout, Clonidine over the counter, got trapped there by our forces in the area, and when they did not return, the rest of the SG Crew went looking for Cordova and got involved as well.

Daley, Markus – The youngest of the group (this is the sophomore) and also their newest friend (he has only been seen in the company of the others since September of this year). Daley is the only one with any discernable ties to the Woodvale vigilante culture—rumor has it that he is himself a retired vigilante, which would make him a member of the most recent vigilante group from Woodvale, the Go-Cart Gang (2024-2028). He was also the one who gave the speech that prematurely ended the Second Great Hallway War. Members of the Daccat faction say he’s stronger than he looks, but this is based mostly on two brief fights, one of which had nothing to do with Daley and the second of which occurred in the dark. None of this information can be confirmed yet.

Manara, buy no prescription Clonidine online, Preston – Manara is rarely serious about anything. He does appear to be fiercely dedicated to his friends, but only in the sense of having a happy, social lifestyle—not to a point that would suggest a vigilante or gang-style brotherhood. The former Daccat faction has stressed that his loyalty can lead to combat on behalf of his friends, but only defensively. This hardly seems out of the ordinary, but it should be noted that he obviously works out (judging by his appearance), and therefore he is the strongest member of the SG Crew who could conceivably hit someone.

Parsons, What is Clonidine, Jennifer – Valedictorian of the Woodvale High class of 2031. She is well known in the school for her planning skills, which, when observed in practice, appear to form a counterbalance to her friends’ general disorganization. They joke that she is their “mother” or mother figure—however, there is no reason to suspect a link between this distinction and the Mothers and Fathers of our order. The nickname was in use long before the group made contact with the Daccat faction or Mother Rhaia’s forces on Division Street. That said, the fact that she was willing to fight Mother Rhaia one-on-one cannot be ignored, but based on my observation of her here, I think her victory was only a fluke.

Wellington, cheap Clonidine no rx, Egan – Painfully average in many ways, and probably the least athletic of the six. He very rarely seems to connect emotionally with any of his friends, so it’s hard to imagine him with the zealousness necessary for being a vigilante. However, members of the Daccat faction have confirmed that this is the one against whom their former Brother, Ari Daccat, held the grudge that led him to challenge the SG Crew and subsequently desert the Incisors. Therefore, Clonidine mg, it is only because of Wellington that we have been made aware of these six teenagers at all.

In conclusion, even in light of the new evidence added on 11/25/29, it is my opinion that the SG Crew is not a vigilante group, and shows no signs of desiring to become one. Only the link between Wellington and Daccat and the links between Daley, the Go-Cart Gang and the Second Great Hallway War are cause for concern, but all of these things seem to have run their course. There is no surface indication that the SG Crew is anything other than a bunch of high-school kids. Therefore, my verdict is that the SG Crew’s involvement in both the Daccat and Division Street incidents was unwanted and unintentional, and only happened because of unforeseen personal connections. Since they have no further personal connections with the Church of Chaos, Clonidine from canada, we should never hear from them again.

The rest of my monthly report is attached.

Heart, Body, and Mind

Nexus, Force, and Master


She dismisses this SG Crew too quickly, thought the Master. She mentions the Second Great Hallway War, Buy Clonidine without prescription, but acts as if she has forgotten that the hand of Chaos was there as well. Someone may have set Woodvale High in riot to satisfy a personal need, but without our clandestine intervention, the war would never have occurred, Buy Clonidine Without Prescription. The purpose of the war was to begin bringing out the Chaos already in Woodvale, and the fact that it was stopped early…that makes three times the SG Crew has interfered with our affairs.

The Church of Chaos may be able to weather the loss of the Daccat faction, and we may have banished the Dividers from Brooklyn in the end regardless…. He clenched his fist. But it is not enough. We will be expanding into the suburbs by summertime, where the persistent Woodvale vigilante culture will become a concern. Woodvale breeds vigilante groups at a fairly steady rate, and I know for a fact that this SG Crew…this….

The Chaos Master let his thoughts trail off. He raised his hooded head, Clonidine used for, and a rare smile spread across his darkened features. Were it not for the gleam from a single, bare light bulb upon his teeth, that smile might not have existed at all, swallowed by the shadows that bathed him.

He got up from his throne, stepped down off its raised platform, and walked over to the far left side of the room. This was the planning wall, Where to buy Clonidine, where a series of corkboards held pushpin-studded maps of the city boroughs and key neighborhoods, along with pages of notes and printed charts. More recently, the first maps of the Prattcorn Valley suburbs had begun to pop up in the far corner, signaling the start of the Incisors’ interest in the areas just west of the city.

Only one corkboard stood out as different. It hung in the middle of the wall, taking full advantage of the light, and the Master had kept it bare for years, as if waiting for something worthy of filling its space. Over the last two weeks, he seemed to have found that something at last—every picture of the SG Crew that his agents had sent him, Clonidine dose, shots of the whole group together as well as of its members in other configurations, had been pinned there in plain view.

He stopped at this board, bracing himself against the wall with one hand so he could lean in and examine the central photograph. It was the first he’d received, along with the original report he’d asked for on the defeat of the Daccat faction, and it showed the entire SG Crew assembled in the halls of Woodvale High on a normal day. All six of their faces were clearly visible.

Then again, thought the Master, Clonidine for sale, his smile widening, Faye’s opinion matters little, as long as she continues to compile the facts. I already know the only truly important detail…all that remains is to decide how best to reach it. When the time comes, I will take care of that myself, and the truth of this world will rise up and overwhelm the falsehoods…then, all will be as it should be.

He stepped back from the board and crossed his arms.

The beginning and the end are drawing nearer…perhaps now is the time for the Mind to begin playing a more active role….



A dirty, brown car covered in rust spots peeled around the corner, Clonidine treatment, merging onto Bushton Avenue on two wheels. At rush hour, this almost certainly would have caused a crash, but now, at midnight, it only invited honking from the one other car on the road. The driver and passengers in the old four-door barely noticed—they had other things on their minds, and panic on their breath.

“Oh, Clonidine images, my God, man!” wailed Lenny. “Ohhhh, my God, man. We’re gonna die!”

Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, “No, we’re not!” said Will. He seemed to tighten his grip on the steering wheel, and he leaned back until his elbows locked. “Everything’s gonna be okay. All we have to do is get on the BQE, then get out of the city, Clonidine results. We’ll drop him off after we pass the Bronx—”

How did I let you talk me into going along with this hostage situation?!” Lenny looked into the back seat. The hostage was still there, but he barely paid any attention to his captors. Instead, he watched through the back windshield as if he were waiting for something.

“They had us surrounded. It was the only way!” Will insisted. “We hadda either take one of their ‘children,’ or they’d have killed us right there!”

“But now they’re gonna kill us even worse, man!” said Lenny. “They stick together like family. They’re coming…I can feel it!”

A traffic light turned red, and Will glided the car to a stop. There was no one else waiting at the light with him, only the dark, parked cars on the sides of the road. He could see the Manhattan Bridge a few blocks ahead—the entrance to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was even closer than that. A few more minutes, and they’d be in the clear.

“Ohhhh, why didn’t we leave when Zack told us to, Buy Clonidine Without Prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Why did we have to stick around to visit Hercules?. There are plenty of dealers outside the city—” Lenny sputtered and gestured ahead. “What are you doing, man?. Run the light. We can’t just sit here!”

“Yeah, great idea. Let’s get pulled over by the cops with an Incisor in the car and two bags of weed on us!” said Will. Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, “Then we’d be stopped even longer, and we know the cops are afraid of the Incisors, so they’d be no help when Rhaia catches up to us.”

“Mother Rhaia will catch up anyway,” said the Incisor in the back, his voice shaky but confident. “You were dead the moment we found you. Kidnapping me won’t change anything!”

“Shut up!” yelled Lenny.

“Uh-oh….” Will looked in the rear-view mirror, twisting it back and forth to get a better view. “We’ve got company!”

The Incisors appeared as they always did—melting out of the shadows onto the sidewalks and rooftops, purchase Clonidine, moving with the speed and silence of wasps. Will could see about a dozen of them, including a girl with long, dark hair and a red armband who was just stepping out of an alleyway on the right. She glared at the car and raised her right hand, revealing a single, black leather glove with four whips trailing from the fingers.

“It’s Rhaia!” Lenny put his hands on the dashboard and ducked his head down. “That’s it. We gotta move—gun it, Get Clonidine, Will!”

Will knew he had no choice: it was do-or-die time. He stomped on the gas and shot through the red light, keeping up the pace until the next block, where he’d be taking the right turn for the BQE. There, he found a truck in the way, the driver trying to back up and correct his heading after taking the turn too wide.

“Come on…come on….!”

He looked in the mirror again. Rhaia and the Incisors were in pursuit, running as fast as they could. They’d be caught up in less than a minute, and even if the trucker succeeded in making his turn, Will and Lenny would still be stuck behind him.

“Something’s wrong!” said Lenny, taking Clonidine, his fear becoming laced with confused dread. “Why aren’t there more of them. We used to see dozens of Incisors on Division Street—they call for backup from all sides so guys like us can’t escape!”

He had a horrible thought. “Will, what if they want us on the BQE. What if they’re only chasing us from behind ’cause they want to lead us there?!”

“We’ve got no choice. It’s the only way out, Buy Clonidine Without Prescription. We drive over the Manhattan Bridge, we’ve got Arjuna and his factions on our asses before we hit Midtown!” Will cut the wheel sharply left. “Oh, Australia, uk, us, usa, screw this!”

He swerved around the truck just as it was getting back up to speed; its loud horn rang in his ears. He ignored it and merged onto the BQE, accelerating as fast as he could press the pedal. The Church of Chaos controlled all five city boroughs, but even they couldn’t keep up with a moving car on an elevated highway.

“Oh, God!” Lenny sat back and sighed heavily. “We made it!”

“Not yet,” said Will. “I won’t be happy ’til we’re in Westchester County. After we drop off this kid, we’ve gotta find some way to hook up with Zack and go into hiding.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” said Lenny, Clonidine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, sounding like the thought depressed him. “We might wind up leading the ’Cisors straight to the rest of our friends!”

“It doesn’t matter what you do,” said the hostage. “When we decide it’s time to find and punish you former Dividers, nothing will save you.”

“Shut up!” barked Will. He turned back to his passenger. “Where else are we gonna go, Lenny?. Zack’ll understand…he’ll take care of us.”

The truck that Will had cut around was now passing him in the left lane, Clonidine no prescription, its driver making obscene gestures. In a few seconds, they were looking at its back loading door as the driver switched into the right lane and got directly in front of them. Rhaia was there, clinging to the door with her feet braced on its lip, her hair and whips trailing back toward Will’s car in the wind.

Yaaaahh!” Lenny screamed.

Rhaia jumped, letting herself fall with all four limbs splayed out like an insect’s, and landed on the hood of the car. She glanced at the hostage, giving him a supportive nod, then glared at Will and drew a knife from her belt. She reared back, about Clonidine, preparing to use its handle to smash the windshield.

“Hang on, Lenny!” said Will. He turned the wheel in harsh movements, making the car zigzag with sickening intensity. He had to correct his course onto a nearby off-ramp to compensate for the swerve it took to finally throw Rhaia off. She sailed over the right-hand guardrail and plummeted toward the street below.

The hostage tensed; he got up on his knees and looked back, following Rhaia’s flight path with his eyes.

“Ha. Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, Gotcha,” said Will, wiping the sweat from his brow.


Though they couldn’t hear it in the car, that was the sound of Rhaia throwing all of her whips at once, wrapping them around one of the lampposts on the edge of the highway. She clenched her fist and swung around the pole, redirecting herself over the off-ramp. This part of the BQE had exits that followed lazy curves back down to the ground—Rhaia had plenty of time to aim for the retreating car’s roof before she launched herself.



Lenny and Will knew what that sound meant, and two seconds later, the handle of Rhaia’s knife came down over the windshield. Broken glass sprayed in Will’s face, forcing him to shut his eyes.



The next thing Lenny knew, Clonidine price, he was wiping blood off his forehead, and when he opened his eyes, the front of the car was crunched against the stoop of a four-story walk-up. He glanced back, and saw that the captive Incisor was still there, shaken but otherwise all right. Then, he looked at Will, whose head was resting against the steering wheel, his hair matted with blood.

“Will?” asked Lenny quietly. He reached over and shook Will’s shoulder, Clonidine without prescription, but got no reaction. “Will. Man, come on, Will!”


Someone opened the car door from the outside—the lock had been broken in the crash. Lenny felt himself being grabbed and hauled out onto the sidewalk, at which point he realized for the first time just how much pain he was in. His legs were stiff and achy, his neck seemed to crackle when he tried to unbend it, Clonidine steet value, and he thought he felt blood pooling under his shirt. He looked down instinctively, but a hand grabbed his face and twisted his gaze forward.

He recoiled and forgot his pain—he was staring into the eyes of Rhaia.

There we are,” she said, smiling in an unsettling way. “That’s better.”

“Oh, God….” Lenny whimpered. “Oh, God!”

“Be a man!” Rhaia snapped. She jerked Lenny back and forth by his shirt. “You’ve got some pretty serious stuff to own up to here…you kidnapped one of my children, and now you’re going to face the consequences!”

Lenny looked around. The rest of the Incisors were coming out of the woodwork now, herbal Clonidine, though there were still only about 12 of them. He wasn’t surrounded at close quarters, but he was surrounded nonetheless. Escape was impossible.

“Please…please don’t kill me,” he whispered, since whispering was as loud as he could make his voice go.

“You moron. I was never going to kill you. I only wanted information, and you, being a former Divider, might be able to give it to me,” said Rhaia. She stared deep into him, her eyes hard. “I might even be willing to overlook the fact that you abducted Sandy, if you cooperate, Buy Clonidine Without Prescription. What do you say?”

“Yes. Where to buy Clonidine, Yes, anything!” cried Lenny.

“Good.” Rhaia smiled again and pulled back a little bit. “All you need to tell me is how I can find a guy named Brandon Danbury.”

There was a pause. Lenny panted even harder.

“I…I don’t know….” He sounded like he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Yes you do!” Rhaia yanked him so hard he almost fell to his knees. She took out her knife and pointed the blade into his chest. Tell me. Tell me or you die!”

“I don’t know!”

Tell me!” Rhaia pressed the blade forward more—Lenny cried out in pain. He could feel the point pricking his skin through his clothes.

“All right all right all right!” he said at last. “Listen…listen, I don’t know him, we never talked, that’s the truth!”

“Then you’re useless to me….”

“Wait, wait. But I…I know who he might have moved in with, Clonidine use. Buy Clonidine Without Prescription, I heard he got an apartment in Brooklyn with a guy named Jimmy Orton…he was a Divider, too!” Lenny retreated to quiet trembling. “Please believe me…that’s all I know….”

“Oh, I believe you. I’d be able to tell if you were lying.” Rhaia smirked. “A mother always can.”

Lenny felt Rhaia’s grip on him relax a bit. He sighed, relieved.


Rhaia’s knife went in and out of his chest so fast it was a blur.

“But you are not my child,” she said as she let him drop to the ground. “And as a mother, I have to protect my children from you.”

She wiped her knife on her pant leg, then turned to the hostage, who had just staggered out of the back seat of the car a few moments before.

“Are you all right, Buy cheap Clonidine no rx, Sandy?” she asked.

“Yeah…I’m fine….” He looked at her with shining eyes. “Thank you, Mother Rhaia. Thank you for saving me.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” said Rhaia. She pointed her knife straight into the air, raising it above her head. “All right, everyone. Gather round!”
Even the Incisors who were on the rooftops seemed to dart up to Rhaia quickly. In seconds, they’d formed a tight circle reminiscent of a football huddle, online buy Clonidine without a prescription.

“For those of you who didn’t hear, we have a new lead—James Orton. We find him, we find Danbury.” Rhaia nodded. “You know what to do.”

They did. The Incisors vanished as suddenly as they’d appeared, fanning out into Brooklyn to continue the search.

Rhaia sheathed her knife and walked up the street alone, leaving the accident and the two fallen Dividers behind her. She wasn’t worried: there would be no investigation into the deaths. The police and city government knew well enough to leave the Church of Chaos alone—as the Incisors had grown in power and numbers, a clandestine covenant with the law had emerged. So long as they were allowed to wage their battles with the rest of New York City’s gangs in peace, the Incisors would refrain from turning their strength on innocent citizens. The police were content to let gangs kill other gangs under the circumstances, and now that the Dividers were gone, even that sort of fighting would stop; the Incisors would be able to conduct their business unopposed.

Despite controlling the entire New York underworld, for all intents and purposes, the Church of Chaos did not exist. But Rhaia’s work that night had nothing to do with her church.

We’d better find this kid soon, she thought, annoyed. If only I could just go to Woodvale myself and track down the suburbanites who humiliated me on Division Street, Buy Clonidine Without Prescription. But the Master has spies in their high school—he said so himself. There’s no way I could go there without arousing suspicion, and I don’t know how else to find them.

But soon I’ll have Brandon, and he’ll tell me everything I need to know. What is Clonidine, Those kids have something in common with the Master…and once I figure out what that something is, I’ll have the means to start chipping away at his mask.

Rhaia thought then, as she often did, about her first defeat at the hands of the Chaos Master—her first defeat by anyone. That battle had brought her into the Incisors and won the Master her respect and cooperation, at least as long as she was sure he could still best her. Though joining the Church of Chaos had allowed her to continue her work in the world, Rhaia had never considered it a permanent engagement. She’d been biding her time all along.

All this time, I figured you knew something I didn’t, she thought, cheap Clonidine no rx, fantasizing about the confrontation with the Master she now felt was imminent. You claimed to have shed your humanity, and you said that was what gave you your power, your control over the Incisors. I didn’t believe you for a second…I told myself that you were still a person, and that every person has a weakness. But I was so concerned with trying to find that weakness, Buy Clonidine from mexico, I didn’t realize that it was staring me right in the face all along.

Inhumanity that isn’t real is meant to hide humanity, and when you hide something, that’s your weakness. Something about those Woodvalers interests you…you researched them, knew about them even before I did, and if I believe what you and that Jennifer girl said to me, then you must have something in common with her and her friends. As soon as I find out what that is, I’ll know something that matters to the man you’re trying to leave behind.

All this time, I’ve been so concerned about facing your reality, I never stopped to think about the building blocks that created it. But now I know that the way to defeat you is from the inside out.

Rhaia smiled sardonically to herself. For the first time, I’m starting to wonder…who are you, my Chaos Master?.

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