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As you may have seen in the map of Woodvale High (or perhaps you read it in The Gauntlet Buy Blopress Without Prescription, ), the single long hallway that comprises the school's entire second floor can have different names based on the class level of its occupants. Get Blopress, Its name, therefore, Blopress dangers, Purchase Blopress online, changes every year...but the changes run in a cycle. After all, Blopress from canadian pharmacy, Blopress forum, since Woodvale High's newest class of incoming freshmen takes over the newly-vacated lockers of the departing seniors, and then holds on to those locker assignments for the next four years, Blopress over the counter, Blopress natural, there are only so many possible combinations the upstairs hallway can have.


I was thinking about it at work today on my lunch hour, where can i buy Blopress online, Buy Blopress online cod, when I was suddenly inspired to work a bit on a School Kids SG episode that you won't see around here for some time. It will give nothing away at this point to tell you that the chapter I began today started with Mark entering Senior Hall via the east stairs (Stair D if you're following along on the map), is Blopress safe. As I wrote the description, a thought occurred to me--I've visited the Woodvale universe in the 1997-1998 school year as well, which was the time period of the first vigilante group, Buy Blopress Without Prescription. Blopress gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, At that time, the juniors and seniors shared the upstairs hallway, Blopress price, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and I thought, well gee, buy Blopress without prescription, Order Blopress from United States pharmacy, I'd better make sure that the seniors and freshman really will share the upstairs hall in 2029-2030, following the cycle, buy no prescription Blopress online. About Blopress, As if anyone would care except me...but I like this world to be as coherent as possible, within the rules it sets out for itself, Blopress interactions. Buy Blopress no prescription, So I tore off a scrap of paper from one of my note pads and spent the next 10 minutes of my break doing hallway math. Click the "keep reading" link to find out just how insane I am, Blopress pictures. Buy Blopress Without Prescription, So the way I see it, there are four possible names for the second floor hallway, and they always come in the same order:

Senior High Hall (juniors and seniors share)

Freshman Half-Hall and Senior Hall (freshman and seniors share)

Lower High Hallway (freshman and sophomores share)

Halfway Hall (juniors and sophomores share)


See what I mean. Blopress reviews, I think it's pretty amusing that only the freshman/senior share results in a divided hallway, but it makes perfect sense in the New Jersey public high school mindset, order Blopress online overnight delivery no prescription. Blopress description, The scan above is the little piece of my notes in which I took all the years between 1998 and 2030 and made sure that the cycle would actually bring us back around to Freshman Half-Hall and Senior Hall in 2029-2030. It does, Blopress alternatives, Where can i buy cheapest Blopress online, but if you squint hard enough (and get through all the crossouts), you can see that the 1-2-3-4 sequence has to take a jump between 1998 and 1999, Blopress results, Blopress maximum dosage, running 1-3-4 instead, for this to be possible, cheap Blopress. Online buying Blopress hcl, This, fortunately, Blopress from canada, Blopress images, is exactly what I wanted--the jump essentially occurs because of damage done to the school in the first Great Hallway War. I'd had this thought before, but I'd just never written it out beside the timeline before, Buy Blopress Without Prescription.

That's really the whole purpose of this long post--after building this universe for more than 10 years, is Blopress addictive, Where can i order Blopress without prescription, every once in a while I'm just completely blown away by how self-correcting and self-sustaining it can be. I've already thought of everything, taking Blopress, After Blopress, apparently, even if I forgot that I thought of it. And thinking of new things like this cyclical progression not only helps me to close up the last of the logic gaps in the Woodvale universe, it also casts new light on old ideas, some of which I plan to revisit later. Definitely expect more on the first vigilantes someday.

In fact, this whole thing gave me a great idea for a picture to draw. Perhaps I'll go get started on that now.

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