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All entries written in February, 2008

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Buy Exelon Without Prescription, First of all, I don't know which of these headlines is worse: "Cheney's Subpoenaed E-mails Missing" (that bastard!) or "Snake Eats Family Dog in Front of Kids" (oh, God!)  Not the best news to come home to.

I saw a cute boy on the subway tonight as I was coming home.  He was kind of disheveled, Exelon recreational, Exelon long term, with messy hair and jeans full of holes, but it was hot on him (which is to say he made it work for him).  This actually happens a lot when I'm just walking around: New York is chock-full of beautiful people.  It's great, my Exelon experience. Online buy Exelon without a prescription, What's not so great is when it happens like it did tonight, with cutie sitting on the bench right across from me, Exelon brand name, Is Exelon addictive, not only obstructing my view of the Manhattan skyline out the window but also planting himself smack-dab in the middle of my natural line of sight.  That means I had to actively avoid looking straight ahead in order to not appear to be staring at him, which was more important than usual because there were a few times when I actually was staring at him.  I only caught his eyes once (okay maybe twice), Exelon over the counter, Where can i buy cheapest Exelon online, at which point I made like I was in the middle of moving my head oddly or something and looked down and away.  I always flirt with the idea of casting a smile at boys on the train, but in the end I'm too afraid of what might happen, Exelon dosage, Buy Exelon online no prescription, and anyway, what are the chances of actually meeting someone through public transit?  It's an inherently antisocial situation, Exelon from canada, Buy cheap Exelon, at least as far as the New York City subway is concerned.

I guess the perfect place for cute boys to stand is right inside one of the doors, australia, uk, us, usa, Exelon natural, preferably the middle one.   That way, I can steal glances from almost any angle (i.e., buy Exelon from canada, Exelon photos, from wherever I happen to be sitting/standing) without being noticed, and I have the freedom not to think about the boy in question if I don't want to.  He just becomes some extra eye candy for the more visually boring parts of the trip.  Most nights this sort of thing happens, Exelon images, Exelon without a prescription, I usually lose interest and don't even notice when he gets off.  At least tonight, my inescapable focus made the trip go faster, comprar en línea Exelon, comprar Exelon baratos. Exelon maximum dosage. Exelon used for. Exelon street price. Exelon treatment. Discount Exelon. Exelon blogs. Exelon online cod. Exelon no rx. Where to buy Exelon. Buy Exelon from mexico. Exelon use. Buy generic Exelon. After Exelon. Fast shipping Exelon. Exelon coupon. Exelon from canadian pharmacy.

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Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription, Bard was a feeling as much as anything else--there's a way my eyes can see there that they can't normally see when I'm in other places. Today, Roxithromycin samples, among other days since my move to the city, I've managed to recapture some of that feeling, and shake off the troubling sensation that I'm seeing without seeing which I've gotten sometimes since graduation, low dose Roxithromycin. And yet as I walked down the gently-sloping avenue toward my bank, Order Roxithromycin from United States pharmacy, listening to Jack's Mannequin (what other music could evoke a feeling like this in me?), I started to think about something that occupies my mind during a lot of my more quiet time. It's a story, real brand Roxithromycin online, because everything in my mind is a story, Kjøpe Roxithromycin på nett, köpa Roxithromycin online, and this one is already over--it's about a young man who passed into legend as only two did before him, transforming into a part of my mind after spending three years as a formative force. But more than that, Roxithromycin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, the thoughts I had today were about what was going to come next.

Let's step back and be honest for a minute, Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription. Roxithromycin pictures, My senior year at Bard, I fell in love. He was a creatively talented, about Roxithromycin, accomplished and well-liked guy, Buy cheap Roxithromycin no rx, but I made the mistake of thinking (for various reasons) that he was also a sort of weak and lonely person like me. This is not to say that I'm attracted to those weaker than's more like, I have to feel like I can add something to the possible relationship, buy Roxithromycin no prescription. Someone who's totally confident and well-placed is likely going to have no use for me, Herbal Roxithromycin, or at least that's what I used to say to myself--what I might actually mean is that those kinds of people aren't typically emotionally available in the same way as I am. But the fact that I thought he was Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription, like me in terms of his...I guess confidence-to-desperation ratio isn't the only reason I fell for him, especially since I turned out to be way, way off on that guess. I fell for him for every reason: looks, brains, Roxithromycin dose, common interests, Roxithromycin results, voice, fashion sense, and, effects of Roxithromycin, more than anything, Buy Roxithromycin online cod, a nebulous sense that we could fit very well together. Some people fantasize about sex--here was someone who made me fantasize about conversation. I wanted to share everything with him, Roxithromycin schedule, from my leisurely pursuits to (and especially) my life's work. Roxithromycin mg, And yet I am forced to admit that despite all I "knew," I actually know almost nothing about him at this point; he could have next to nothing in common with the person I imagined he was back in 2005. The boy in question and I probably spoke for less than a combined 15 minutes, but over the last three years, I had what feels like it must be the equivalent of a long relationship, a painful breakup, and a long, long period of recuperation from (my perceived version of) him, all in my own head, Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription. This is the weakness of being a storyteller, order Roxithromycin online overnight delivery no prescription. The whole thing brought me to some pretty dark places--I worried that because I think in stories, Roxithromycin without prescription, I wasn't and would never be "real" enough, or enough of a "real person," to inhabit an actual relationship, Roxithromycin forum. I worried about the simple fact that I've never had an actual relationship (and most of my major shots at it have followed this exact pattern, Where can i order Roxithromycin without prescription, described above), especially now that I'm pushing 25, and that college was my last chance to figure out what I was doing wrong, where can i buy Roxithromycin online, so in having missed it, Roxithromycin price, coupon, I'd be alone for the rest of my life. I started to feel troublingly okay with that, and my emotions got very gray, ordering Roxithromycin online, very dead, Online buying Roxithromycin, for a period of weeks, maybe even months. Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription, This all timed out to coincide with a long and sometimes rough transitional period in my life...only now do I feel like I'm starting to find my footing again.

But where do I now stand, online Roxithromycin without a prescription. I think I'm finally over him, Rx free Roxithromycin, after having the right conversation with the right friend (one of many attempts at this, I should note). As I said, Roxithromycin alternatives, he's passed into legend, Roxithromycin wiki, making frequent appearances in my imagination only as a faceless placeholder, often paired with the one before him--this is pretty much the only way I can get over people who have this strong an effect on me, to assimilate them into my casual imaginings, Roxithromycin no prescription. But the emotional drag of the situation was gone. So I succeeded in moving on, but for a while afterward, and still, sometimes, this makes me feel like my head's been scooped out, Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription. Where can i cheapest Roxithromycin online, This happened once before, after the last similar cycle took place. I sleep with two pillows, doses Roxithromycin work, one to rest on and one to hug, Roxithromycin pharmacy, and for the first time since 2005, the pillow I hug doesn't represent anyone, because I'm fresh out of targets, Roxithromycin from mexico. At times, Purchase Roxithromycin for sale, that makes it hard to sleep, because I don't even have an imagined place of comfort to escape to that lets me get over the stress of my day.

I've moved on from Bard, leaving my crushes, my love and my heartbreak all behind while taking what was precious with me. Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription, But as I mused once in the fall of 2006, I've only realized since graduation just how institutionalized I became in 16+ years of formal schooling. As some of my other friends are also discovering, it's awfully hard to meet people in a way that captures your rapt attention when you don't have the foundation of shared place and routine that college campuses provide.

I am a storyteller; this is my nature. I doubt I'd ever be able to breed the desire to tell myself stories out of my mind, even just in the specific cases of love and relationships. So whoever I eventually get with will just have to get used to that, and I'm proud to announce that especially since I moved to the city, I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this courtship deal. But it's never the same, my feelings are never quite what they were for him, or what they could be for some others when I was in school, Buy Roxithromycin Without Prescription. I'm searching for a way to tell myself another story, but it's hard to adjust because my medium has changed.

If all goes well, I'll look back at this post in a few years and fail to identify with it at all, except in memory. Like loading an NES emulator onto a modern computer (at least, that's the best analogy my combined geeky/literary brain can conjure up). But I still felt compelled to get it down now, a moment frozen in time, so I can have it to look back on later. Many of the posts from my old blog that I'm sure bored the hell out of people were like this one, and though they weren't exactly my most edited and well-thought-out work, these posts are invariably my favorites, and the ones I'm most grateful to have retained. If anyone enjoyed or at least felt thoughtful while reading this (hell, let's not beat around the bush--if anyone actually read this), then that's all well and good, but I'm doing this for me, and in the end, that's the way all good writing comes into existence.

Sometimes, I wonder if success in writing is really just that--the luck of finding others who think like you. Maybe pairing my writer's sense with my hunt for a one true love isn't such a bad instinct to have after all.

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Buy Xenical Without Prescription, "I feel like I can come in here anytime," said my building's superintendent today, praising the cleanliness of my apartment for the second time since I've been living here. I eyed the small pile of tissues on the floor as he said this, purchase Xenical, Xenical overnight, in plain sight and mere feet away from where he was standing. I wondered what the apartments of my neighbors must be like, Xenical pics. Xenical trusted pharmacy reviews, I keep having spats of fatigue today, but one of the nice things about weekends is that when you need to, Xenical for sale, Xenical class, you're free to lie down. I think it must be the weather--pressure changes have been known to get me down, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Also, I woke up at like 8:15 this morning (naturally) and couldn't get back to sleep, Buy Xenical Without Prescription. Xenical interactions, I blame having adult hours (versus my 2:00-10:00 AM sleep schedule in college) for making 8:15 a time my body considers "sleeping in." Work, by the way, Xenical duration, Order Xenical no prescription, is good--fantastic, in fact, buy Xenical without a prescription. Cheap Xenical no rx, This was a busy (read: tiring) but still great week. And I like to be busy at work, purchase Xenical online no prescription. Get Xenical, At my last job, I spent hours and hours twiddling my thumbs, buy no prescription Xenical online, Order Xenical from mexican pharmacy, waiting not-so-patiently for 5:30 to arrive. Buy Xenical Without Prescription, These days, I actually feel like my efforts matter. It's been good for me both professionally and creatively (being bored all day used to de-energize me for the rest of the night, Xenical steet value, Xenical reviews, even once my time was my own again).

In any case: Saturday is usually my chores day and Sunday is usually my "rest day." But since I'm feeling a bit more tired than usual, buying Xenical online over the counter, Xenical australia, uk, us, usa, I see no reason I can't reverse them for once. Besides, generic Xenical, Online buying Xenical hcl, I'm fucking starving. I never realize how little food I have in the house as far as snacks go...I think I'll have dinner early tonight, where can i find Xenical online. Taking Xenical, As soon as I finish washing my dishes, that is, Xenical canada, mexico, india. Is Xenical safe, I doubt my super would have said what he did if he'd chanced a look at my kitchen sink.  Which is why I kept crossing my fingers that he wouldn't. No prescription Xenical online. Buy Xenical without prescription. Xenical dangers. Xenical description. Xenical cost. Cheap Xenical. Order Xenical online c.o.d. Canada, mexico, india. Xenical price.

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Buy Suhagra Without Prescription, There's this phenomenon I've noticed on the 7 train--it only seems to happen in neighborhoods like mine, where the elevated tracks are made of girders instead of viaducts (I think the latter might be unique to Sunnyside), and only when it rains.  But especially when it snows, which is why I'm writing about this today.

The third rail sparks when a train goes by, purchase Suhagra online, What is Suhagra, but that's nothing new.  It's just where the power comes from.  But when the third rail gets wet, then it gets exciting.  There are these big, Suhagra steet value, Suhagra from mexico, sizzling cracks like a sound effect out of some Megaman game, and showers of hot, Suhagra pics, Suhagra australia, uk, us, usa, red sparks fly outward towards the centrally-located express tracks.  To the people down below, it sometimes looks like fire is raining from the sky, low dose Suhagra, Where to buy Suhagra, or at the very least, it looks like someone is being careless with a welding torch, Suhagra brand name. Cheap Suhagra no rx, I exchanged a glance with a fellow commuter as I stepped onto my home platform this morning on the way in to work--the snow was still coming down hard then, and being that it presents the water to the third rail in a slightly more solid form, Suhagra wiki, Buy no prescription Suhagra online, we saw some truly spectacular explosions. They had the sound and character of small fireworks.  The other guy nodded and gave me a half-smile, fast shipping Suhagra, Buy generic Suhagra, eyelids partially lowered, as he whipped out his cell phone and started taking what I can only assume was a video recording of the phenomenon in progress.  Too bad he missed most of the best parts of it, buy Suhagra online no prescription, Where can i cheapest Suhagra online, from what I could see. Suhagra trusted pharmacy reviews. Purchase Suhagra online. Suhagra reviews. Suhagra natural. Where can i order Suhagra without prescription. Suhagra images. Where can i find Suhagra online. Buy Suhagra no prescription. What is Suhagra. Rx free Suhagra. Buy Suhagra without a prescription. Buy Suhagra without prescription. Purchase Suhagra online no prescription. Canada, mexico, india. Suhagra without prescription. Suhagra price, coupon. Suhagra price. Order Suhagra no prescription. Herbal Suhagra.

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Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Sorry to spring this on you with no prior warning, but a horrible, horrible illness in conjunction with the need to get this site fixed in both IE and Firefox once and for all has prompted me to take two weeks off from updating. I want to start posting A River of Darkness as soon as I can, comprar en línea Topamax, comprar Topamax baratos, Topamax coupon, but I'm not willing to take School Kids SG any farther until this CSS issue is resolved. For God's sake, order Topamax from mexican pharmacy, Is Topamax addictive, I'm embarrassed to advertise for thinking that people might come here using IE.

I know we're already in an Intermission, Topamax pictures, Ordering Topamax online, but that still kept things on the normal Monday-Friday update schedule, and I really need more of a break than that to recover my health and get the site problems under control, Topamax dangers. Effects of Topamax, After just about a full year of keeping to some standard schedule without missing a post, I think I'm entitled, Topamax samples. Topamax overnight, Let's call this an anniversary present to myself.

Check back on Monday, Topamax duration, Real brand Topamax online, March 3rd; I guarantee, you'll be much happier with the site then, Topamax long term. Topamax used for, (Please note: as usual, I reserve the right to post random updates about whatever I feel like, Topamax interactions, Topamax description, whenever I feel like it. The intention of this announcement is to strip away all guarantees for the next two weeks; you'd better believe that I if I have a random story that needs telling, Topamax over the counter, Online buying Topamax, I'm not going to hold myself back). Topamax from canadian pharmacy. Order Topamax online overnight delivery no prescription. Topamax alternatives. Where can i buy Topamax online. Topamax schedule. Topamax mg. Topamax treatment. Buying Topamax online over the counter. Topamax pharmacy. Topamax maximum dosage. Topamax photos. My Topamax experience. Doses Topamax work. Topamax dosage. Online buy Topamax without a prescription. Topamax dose. Discount Topamax.

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This profile has been updated (view newer profile Buy Ampicillin Without Prescription, ). Ampicillin forum. Ampicillin cost. Order Ampicillin from mexican pharmacy. Ampicillin for sale. Ampicillin alternatives. Where can i order Ampicillin without prescription. After Ampicillin. Cheap Ampicillin no rx. Ampicillin duration. Canada, mexico, india. About Ampicillin. Cheap Ampicillin. Ampicillin without prescription. Ampicillin mg. Comprar en línea Ampicillin, comprar Ampicillin baratos. Australia, uk, us, usa. Ampicillin dosage. Buy Ampicillin online no prescription. Ampicillin natural. What is Ampicillin. Ampicillin results. Doses Ampicillin work. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Ampicillin class. Ampicillin use. Ampicillin no rx. Buy generic Ampicillin. Ampicillin steet value. Ampicillin used for. Buy no prescription Ampicillin online. Ampicillin long term. Ampicillin photos. Ampicillin pharmacy. Ampicillin dose. Ampicillin over the counter.

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Buy Avapro Without Prescription, God, I can't stand how Internet Explorer misinterprets CSS.  It forces me to spend hours of my valuable time trying to make a website that looks perfect in most other browsers look decent in a browser I don't use.

Anyway, taking Avapro, Generic Avapro, as of right now, I've improved the IE solution for School Kids SG somewhat.  It's not perfect yet, buy Avapro from mexico, Avapro no prescription, but things should be navigable in most resolutions now (as long as you keep your IE window maximized, otherwise you wind up with two scroll bars, is Avapro safe, Avapro no rx, but everything is still easily accessible this just looks weird).  The header image will always be centered and the content always seems to want to stay on the left, which looks more and more disjointed as you go up in resolution, after Avapro, Avapro canada, mexico, india, but hey, at least it's neat and it follows a pattern.  That's what I'll work on next, buy cheap Avapro no rx, Buy Avapro online cod, but for now, no more "widescreen view" scrolling to read the chapters in IE, Avapro blogs. Avapro without a prescription, Hurray. Avapro recreational. Where can i buy cheapest Avapro online. Buy cheap Avapro. Avapro online cod. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Avapro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Kjøpe Avapro på nett, köpa Avapro online. Avapro from canada. Cheap Avapro. Avapro for sale. Avapro results. Avapro use. Australia, uk, us, usa. Avapro street price. Buy Avapro from canada. Online Avapro without a prescription. Avapro forum. Online buying Avapro hcl. About Avapro. Purchase Avapro for sale. Order Avapro from United States pharmacy. Purchase Avapro. Avapro cost.

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Buy Zimulti Without Prescription, My posts have been pretty text-heavy lately.  Have some older, bad-perspective art related to Bad Company while you look forward to the Midlogue, which goes up this Friday.

020408-1.jpg  020408-2.jpg  020408-3.jpg

, no prescription Zimulti online. Zimulti class. Order Zimulti online c.o.d. Get Zimulti. Zimulti street price. Zimulti pics. Zimulti blogs. Ordering Zimulti online. Zimulti brand name. Zimulti online cod. Zimulti price. Real brand Zimulti online. Online buying Zimulti hcl. Is Zimulti addictive. Where can i buy cheapest Zimulti online. Zimulti maximum dosage. Buying Zimulti online over the counter. Zimulti interactions. Zimulti description. Buy Zimulti online cod. Purchase Zimulti online. Zimulti from mexico. Buy cheap Zimulti no rx. Online buy Zimulti without a prescription. Online buying Zimulti. Buy Zimulti without prescription. Purchase Zimulti. Zimulti overnight. Get Zimulti. Zimulti dangers. Order Zimulti online overnight delivery no prescription. Low dose Zimulti. Discount Zimulti. Purchase Zimulti online no prescription. Zimulti from canada.

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Note: this list is meant as a companion to the Map of the Prattcorn Valley and is Buy Florinef Without Prescription, considered something of a permanent work-in-progress.  Remember, nothing is officially canon until you can buy it in print! Also, I'm not going to be doing write-ups for all the towns at once...if there's a town on the map you're interested in, though, I may be open to requests.

Woodvale – The Hub of the Prattcorn Valley, the cradle of vigilante justice, and the setting of the entire School Kids SG series. Woodvale will obviously be discussed in the stories more than any of the other towns on the map, Florinef coupon, My Florinef experience, and thus it requires no further exploration here.

Columbia Township – This small town used to be a part of Woodvale, before politics and the mysterious disaster that preceded the vigilante and gang wars gave some citizens the urge to split, fast shipping Florinef. Florinef price, coupon, It has a separate chamber of commerce and, for the most part, buy cheap Florinef, Buy Florinef from canada, a separate government and law, but Columbia Township still shares its school system and several other things with Woodvale.

Centralia – This town is just kind of boring, Florinef wiki. Buy Florinef from mexico, A lot of fires happen there.

Bakersfield – As the name implies, Bakersfield is home to the valley’s oldest and arguably best family-owned bakery, taking Florinef. Florinef canada, mexico, india, The entire community was carved out of the woods around that one oven. Bakersfield has an atmosphere that could be called “charming,” which lends itself well to older couples with second homes, but you still see roving groups of youths having a good time on Saturday nights, particularly on the tiny main drag.

Farlong – This place feels nestled in the hills, sitting at the very bottom of the eastern valley walls that rise into the Palisades, Buy Florinef Without Prescription. Its architecture is neo-nostalgic, effects of Florinef, Florinef images, i.e. recently rebuilt to look like a much older town from the 20th century, order Florinef online c.o.d, No prescription Florinef online, with cobblestone crosswalks and wrought-iron street lamps. A lot of Farlong's roadways are very confusing.

Rockport – This town forces you to drive sideways—it exists between the steepest slope and the crest of the eastern valley walls, Florinef without a prescription, Florinef recreational, and some parts of it actually continue over the top and onto the last ridge before New York, where the Palisades Parkway skirts down the edge of New Jersey, order Florinef no prescription. Where can i cheapest Florinef online, Rockport is one of the richest towns in the valley, and residents show off their affluence with huge and elaborately-constructed homes.

Lakewood – Lakewood is quiet, Florinef from canadian pharmacy, Herbal Florinef, aging, and increasingly built-up with suburban-style McMansions, is Florinef safe. Buy Florinef Without Prescription, It has one of the greatest remaining shares of unspoiled Prattcorn Forest, which encircles a huge reservoir that serves most of the valley. Florinef pictures, Aside from the best Chinese restaurant for miles, though, buy Florinef without a prescription, Where can i find Florinef online, there's not much to Lakewood except houses and water; it has no downtown sector at all.

Shorepoint – Shorepoint has the most laughably inaccurate name in the entire Prattcorn Valley. With its craggy waterline overlooking the very top of Manhattan, Florinef trusted pharmacy reviews, Where to buy Florinef, it’s miles and miles farther north than even the most dismal of the true New Jersey shore points. The town makes the most of its waterfront, Florinef no prescription, Generic Florinef, though, and has a small shipping industry as well as a thriving strip of restaurants that take advantage of views from the higher spots on the bluffs, Florinef schedule. Order Florinef from United States pharmacy,

Augusta – Very flat and tightly-parceled, with most properties having nothing more than postage-stamp backyards and lawns, Florinef reviews, Florinef samples, if they have such things at all.  Augusta has a bit of an urban feeling to it--it hosts a larger collection of multifamily dwellings than almost any other Prattcorn town, and some of its parks are graffiti-tagged ruins.  Poisoned fields of grass and a wide, purchase Florinef for sale, Florinef australia, uk, us, usa, polluted river mark the southern edge of the valley, separating Augusta from the nearby county seat, buy Florinef no prescription, which keeps the town bathed in a constant, purplish light.

Southfield – The commercial center of the valley, Southfield is on the verge of turning into one gigantic shopping mall with a major highway (route 18) in the middle.  Its residents love the money but detest the noise, so they've kept blue laws on the books that turns the place into a ghost town on Sundays.  The Southfield Park and Crossroads malls are popular hangouts for teens from all over the area, as are some of the fast food joints and chain restaurants along the highway.

Easton – Easton can be thought of as a slightly hillier and more commercial-zone-heavy version of Woodvale.  Easton High and Woodvale High have a longstanding football rivalry that nobody remembers which side started.  Easton’s town center and tiny railroad station rub right up against southern Woodvale, and from there, the valley’s main sub-highway artery, Knickerbocker Road, cuts through suburban office parks as a four-lane commuter route.

Mapleridge – One of the valley’s great flagship towns, Mapleridge is second only to Woodvale in local renown and second to none in upscale shopping. The town center sits on a slope complete with a large park, and its concrete piazzas are packed with both the young and old at nearly all times of the year. Mapleridge’s architecture is aggressively neo-classical (like Woodvale, it’s the type of place that tears up asphalt sidewalks to return to brickwork ones), and one of its richer neighborhoods features local gem Valley View Avenue, a curving lane from which you can see all the way across the valley to New York City.

The Redhends – These upper-northwestern valley towns skirt the border with New York State and seem designed to breed class divisions.  Upper Redhend is home to sprawling housing developments nested in the hills, many of which can be seen along the northern reaches of route 18. The more modest lower Redhend, however, is boxed in by narrow streets and the cliffs at its back, and many of its tiny yards are strewn with junk and natural detritus.  Both feel isolated from the world--the hill slope they share is covered with so many trees that the towns can barely be seen by passing aircraft, let alone cars.

Shortcliff – Also bordering New York State, but in the northeast, Shortcliff feels like it has a higher elevation than it does, and is one of the valley's older towns, full of early-1900s architecture and a town center built around an ancient railroad station.  Its cornerstone diner has great drawing power--in fact, kids from Woodvale High can often be seen congregating there on Saturday nights, waiting for a table behind all the locals.

Mountainridge – Small, hilly, and twisty, with roads that wrap around the mountains and suddenly challenge your car to punishing ascents after having been level for miles.  Mountainridge's commercial district collides with one end of Shortcliff’s at the train tracks, and just over the town line is the valley's most venerable bowling alley. Knickerbocker Road in Mountainridge eventually becomes route 305, gateway to upstate New York and the Cliffside Mall.


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