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All entries written in July, 2007

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Buy Kamagra Without Prescription, I don't think I've mentioned this on here yet, but I was an Asian Studies major in college.  School Kids SG was actually one of the first things that led me to discover Asian Studies, Daoism and philosophy in particular, because after stumbling into a Chinese fiction class on a whim freshman year, I realized that a lot of the ideas behind those stories would fit well into my stories, like gears turning together.  It was as if I'd been writing towards China all along.  You might not be able to see it so much in The Gauntlet, but then again The Gauntlet was already pretty much done when I started college.

There were many things about Asian Studies that interested me, Kamagra without prescription, Kamagra maximum dosage, though philosophy was chief among them.  One of the other topics that made me raise my eyebrows was Chinese literary's so much the opposite of Western literary theory in that it believes the meanings of words aren't fixed, and that words are inherently limited in their power to convey ideas.  I always related this back to the philosopher Chuang-Tzu, Kamagra trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy cheap Kamagra, who said that the writings of great men are their dregs, because the best parts of them can never truly be passed on.  Then again, Kamagra used for, Where can i find Kamagra online, the same literary doctrine believes that writing is the one true path to immortality, because in your books you leave a piece of yourself behind.  Unfortunately, Kamagra reviews, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the small class I was going to take on Chinese literary theory got canceled, but I managed to retain enough of the big concepts to stay intrigued, is Kamagra addictive. Get Kamagra, I've tried over the last few years to make my writing more and more driven by what isn't  said, although in the case of School Kids SG the pacing is also way up the list of important things.  But what got me thinking about my studies today was my attempt to write the first part of a Megaman retrospective I've been planning to post here in installments for a long time.  With all the videogame articles I've posted so far, ordering Kamagra online, Is Kamagra safe, it's amazing that I've managed to hold back on my two favorites, Megaman and Sonic, Kamagra results, Order Kamagra online overnight delivery no prescription, for so long, and I'll probably hold back on Sonic for even longer just because it'll take more time to prepare (it's not just about the games).  Like most of the games I've played, Kamagra overnight, Kamagra without a prescription, Megaman games are an experience to me, but in thinking about the way I see things because of videogames, purchase Kamagra online, Taking Kamagra, I've started to realize that a lot of the earlier Megaman games were also wordless stories to me.  And in thinking about how to describe them in a post, I've added words to them!  And as I add words to them, buy Kamagra online no prescription, Kamagra dose, I feel the value of the experience they describe being diminished.

It's really quite amazing how much I've come to believe in this stuff.  Thought really is bad in a surprising number of cases, Kamagra steet value, Kamagra for sale, at least as far as I'm concerned.  Better to let things wash over you and understand them in a way that doesn't need language, a way that's actually obscured by language.  I'm still going to try to write this thing, cheap Kamagra no rx, Kamagra cost, but it'll have to be in a different form, and like almost any piece of writing it certainly won't be as good as the original thought that spawned it.  I've come to except that--there are certain things you just can't capture.  You have to use the words to suggest around it as best you can, online buying Kamagra hcl, Discount Kamagra, sort of like the way fresh-fallen snow suggests the shape of the things underneath it.

This Friday brings us the final chapter of The Gauntlet, no prescription Kamagra online, Order Kamagra from United States pharmacy, and then Monday will have a sort of epilogue.  After that, this site will enter it's first intermission period, Kamagra over the counter, My Kamagra experience, which will be as much of an experiment for me as for you.  I promise that the times between serialized stories will be interesting,'ll see what I mean next week, Kamagra coupon. Buy Kamagra from canada. Fast shipping Kamagra. Kamagra pictures. Kamagra forum.

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Buy Actoplus Met Without Prescription, The first two weeks in my new apartment have certainly been an adventure. Online Actoplus Met without a prescription, I'm getting there, but I still don't quite have everything set up, herbal Actoplus Met. Doses Actoplus Met work, And whatever you do, never shop at the value store called Jembro, low dose Actoplus Met. Kjøpe Actoplus Met på nett, köpa Actoplus Met online, (With several locations in the tri-state area). A friend and I discovered the place in high school, Actoplus Met no prescription, Canada, mexico, india, and we were wooed by the low, low prices and especially the eclectic selection, generic Actoplus Met, Order Actoplus Met no prescription, but it's not worth it. As overjoyed as I was to find a full set of cutlery for under $20, almost all of it has begun to rust already from regular use, Buy Actoplus Met Without Prescription.

My father says that he keeps expecting the (admittedly nice, effects of Actoplus Met, Actoplus Met price, coupon, in my opinion) shower curtain I bought there to disintegrate any day now, and then I'll find a tag on it that says, Actoplus Met images, Actoplus Met no rx, "Made from corn and corn by-products." At least that would be better than his original assessment of the thing as a couple of garbage bags taped together.

Anyway, online buy Actoplus Met without a prescription, Buy Actoplus Met without a prescription, to celebrate my new apartment with new life, one of the first things I did was open up a canned plant (!) my best friend gave me two birthdays ago and start watering it, Actoplus Met treatment. Actoplus Met long term, Look how tall it is already.


This is a "secret fortunes" beansprout plant, Actoplus Met pharmacy, Actoplus Met street price, which means that when it matures, there's supposed to be a message stamped on the leaves (!!), Actoplus Met description. Buy Actoplus Met Without Prescription, Actually, it turned out that the message was stamped on the thick, hard halves of the beansprout itself, which shot up and violently threw off its brown husk while I was away at work one night, so that I returned to find it suddenly full-grown, or close to it. Actoplus Met dangers, Since the first hint of green I saw out of this thing was a curved stalk, I actually think it started growing sideways and then burst out of the soil all at once when it ran out of room--that would certainly explain the ring of dirt I found thrown around the can, where can i buy cheapest Actoplus Met online, Actoplus Met natural, which you can see in the picture. You'd almost think it had a personality..., Actoplus Met class. Actoplus Met alternatives, On that note, I will close with my friend's notion (this being the same friend who gave me the plant) that the message might change somehow to reflect the plant's disgust at being kept ungrown past the can's expiration date, order Actoplus Met from mexican pharmacy. Order Actoplus Met online c.o.d, We laughed that it would rise from the earth only to give me the finger. It turned out that the message I waited two years to see said "Money, money, money," with a dollar sign on the other half of the sprout for good measure, Buy Actoplus Met Without Prescription. Harmless, buy Actoplus Met no prescription. Purchase Actoplus Met online no prescription, Maybe. Incomprehensible, Actoplus Met brand name. Buy cheap Actoplus Met no rx, For sure. But I must say, Actoplus Met australia, uk, us, usa, About Actoplus Met, that night when I got home I was pretty worried about money, which is way out of character for me, Actoplus Met price, Actoplus Met photos, but then again, it's not every day my car gets impounded. It's almost as if the plant knew how to remind me of my troubles....

Sorry for keeping you in the can so long, plant. I'm glad you still grew, and I hope we can put this behind us.

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Buy Female Viagra Without Prescription, My mom wasn’t that into it—I was surprised, she and my father both having been fans of shows like LOST or 24, whose genres seem to have found a meeting point in Traveler.

“Everybody’s too young!” she said. “And too similar-looking!”

Well, I don’t mind the youthfulness of the actors—they are supposed to be just out of grad school, which is good because they look too old to be undergraduate college students. A lot of younger characters on TV look too old, but whoever wrote and cast Traveler made it so the show just dodges the Beverly Hills 90210 effect where all the teenagers look like thirtysomethings. So I actually like the fact that everybody is young on this show. As for “similar looking,” well, if you tried describing Will Traveler and Tyler on paper, you’d probably wind up using a lot of the same adjectives, but it didn’t take me any longer than usual to get used to who everyone was.

I like Traveler. I like it a lot…more than I thought I would, anyway. It’s not just the “intermission” show while LOST is gone for the summer—it has its own unique identity, and it seems distinct from the popular dramas of the fall even though it does echo some of them in the ways it goes about its business. The whole thing is basically one long chase sequence, with its foundation in a frame-up story involving the bombing of an art museum in Manhattan. Using “art” and “framed” in the same script must have seemed funny to someone at the time, but anyway. Grad students Jay and Tyler are on the run from the FBI, trying to clear their names after their friend and former housemate Will Traveler talks them into pulling a prank on roller blades in that aforementioned museum, only to use the prank to implicate his friends in the bombing that he himself engineers. Except it’s more complicated than that, and through a kind of third-person narrative that cuts back and forth across most of the eastern seaboard, we learn that Will Traveler was only one member of a much larger terrorist group that’s connected back into the highest levels of our own government…to Homeland Security, even.

Government conspiracy plots certainly aren’t a new idea, but it works well enough. In particular, I appreciate the fact that Traveler gives its characters (and thus its audience) a little due credit. The FBI aren’t idiots, and despite a couple of painfully forced scenes between the guy in charge of the effort to track down Jay and Tyler (I can’t even remember his name) and Agent Marlowe regarding protocol and some past mistake, the vast array of technology at their disposal does give them the idea that there’s something funny going on pretty quickly. Of course, Jay and Tyler continue to be hunted, in part simply because they were on the scene of the bombing and then ran away, but also because the upper echelons of the FBI itself are in on the conspiracy…but the big bosses aren’t the only ones on the case, nor should they be. If the show allows the subordinates to expose their superiors’ treachery, I will be extremely impressed. Jay and Tyler are pretty good detectives themselves, and they use their past observations and knowledge of Will to unravel a pretty good chunk of the conspiracy and collect a nice array of evidence on their own. Now, if only they had someone trustworthy to show it to.

I also appreciate the speed with which the show reveals its secrets…if Traveler gets renewed and returns with new episodes later on, that’s good, but it wasn’t written like it was aiming to be open-ended to facilitate renewal, and that’s even better. So far, at least, the show seems to be operating within a finite framework, which allows for major changes and keeps the viewers on their toes, and also virtually guarantees that any new season would have to move in fresh directions as well. This Wednesday’s finale may make a liar out of me—I doubt there’s any way the writers can clear up the bomb framing plot, the FBI plot, the true identity of Will Traveler and the mysterious organization he was working for, the deal with that one painting from the museum that survived, and the whole government conspiracy all in one episode. I hope they don’t even try, as it’s likely that any attempt to cover that much information would come off as extremely rushed, and contain all the artfulness and subtlety of a shopping list. In any case, it was a big step away from stagnation when the writers decided not to wait long before re-introducing Will Traveler to the plot after his initial disappearance, and they went ahead and made him interesting on his own before putting him back into proximity with Jay and Tyler (which also happened pleasantly sooner than I expected). Giving the people what they want promptly, making sure not to let any plot threads hang for so long they get forgotten, and introducing welcome surprises are all excellent ways to keep your audience, and I’m glad the writers have grasped that none of this necessarily shortens the projected life of a show or forces you to write yourself into a corner. Almost any creative scenario has at least one or two ways to branch out from the original concept, and Traveler, excitingly, has left itself with almost no choice.

So give this show a shot. It’s pretty entertaining, and I’m impressed at how little it shies away from the edge…there are a few moments of 24-esque violence that are pretty eyebrow-raising (in a good way), and you come to believe that desperation is forcing Jay and Tyler to do things they’d never do under normal circumstances. Tyler’s story in particular takes some pretty gut-wrenching turns, and his reactions throughout are completely believable. Jay’s story with his girlfriend is less interesting and a lot more gratuitous, but once again, I have to give the writers credit for not succumbing to cliché and having Kim turn on him and end their relationship after being swayed by the FBI or something. By last week, I actually bought into the idea that she’d be an incredible friend to have around during a crisis of the magnitude Traveler depicts. Logic dictates that she’ll be arrested now, and the previews seem to suggest that as well, but who knows? Every time I think I know where this thing is going, I get another surprise…I hardly expected events to take a right on Wall Street, for example. But I’m okay with letting Traveler reveal itself to me in its own good time. This isn’t a show where I feel compelled to speculate, so I’m having fun going along for the ride.

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Buy Desyrel Without Prescription, Turns out I got the Internet turned on in my new place faster than I expected. Thank you, Desyrel interactions, Rx free Desyrel, cable company. Tomorrow's post will feature my thoughts on the show Traveler, cheap Desyrel, After Desyrel, and Friday will be the new chapter of The Gauntlet, as usual, where can i order Desyrel without prescription. Desyrel from mexico, I'd have bumped Traveler to Friday, but the season (series?) finale will have run by then, where can i cheapest Desyrel online, Desyrel duration, so it would no longer be relevent. Desyrel samples. Low dose Desyrel. Online buy Desyrel without a prescription. Desyrel dosage. Desyrel brand name. Online Desyrel without a prescription. Is Desyrel safe. Buy Desyrel online cod. Desyrel natural. Desyrel blogs. Desyrel description. Order Desyrel from United States pharmacy. Desyrel over the counter. Buy cheap Desyrel. Desyrel from mexico. Taking Desyrel. Buying Desyrel online over the counter. Order Desyrel from mexican pharmacy. Desyrel duration. Desyrel canada, mexico, india. Order Desyrel online c.o.d. After Desyrel. Desyrel mg. Desyrel maximum dosage. Order Desyrel online overnight delivery no prescription. Purchase Desyrel. Desyrel pics.

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Buy Prograf Without Prescription, Hi, everyone. Prograf treatment, Just to let you know, this week's new chapter of The Gauntlet will post tomorrow, effects of Prograf, Generic Prograf, 7/18, instead of the usual Friday, Prograf used for. Prograf long term, Why. Thank my cable company, doses Prograf work. Prograf reviews, It's a long story...maybe I'll tell it later.

We're coming up to the end, though, Buy Prograf Without Prescription. Only two more chapters and then the epilogue, comprar en línea Prograf, comprar Prograf baratos, Buy Prograf from mexico, and The Gauntlet will be done. Don't worry, cheap Prograf, Prograf coupon, though, that's not the end of the site--far from it, rx free Prograf. Prograf recreational, I have lots more stuff planned that I've either been putting off or waiting for with baited breath. You'll see in a couple of weeks..., buy Prograf without prescription. Cheap Prograf no rx, In the meantime, be sure to tune in tomorrow for the final showdown with Donovan, Prograf online cod. Where can i order Prograf without prescription. Prograf no prescription. Prograf alternatives. Prograf price, coupon. Prograf pharmacy. Prograf price. Purchase Prograf online. Purchase Prograf for sale. Prograf without prescription. Prograf without a prescription. Get Prograf. What is Prograf. About Prograf. Where can i cheapest Prograf online. Buy Prograf without a prescription. Buy cheap Prograf no rx. Prograf cost. Prograf images. Prograf dangers.

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Buy Dilantin Without Prescription, It took me longer to get settled in my new apartment than I thought it would.  With all the anticipation and months of searching, I thought that when I finally found a place, I'd be jumping for joy.  This was before I'd witnessed the experience of the move, AKA the mad dash to find furniture, pack the car, line up friends to help, and making 50 trips up and down three flights of stairs.  After that, there was still a couch from Ikea to put together and a bed to wait for in the morning (I got that way I was lugging it up the stairs, as if I could).  On top of all this, I am forced to admit that I got more attached to my family in the last year than even I was an adjustment breaking away.

But now I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  It helps that I love the place: I was lucky enough to find an apartment that I could afford (without a broker, is Dilantin addictive, Order Dilantin no prescription, no less) , and I'm a big fan of my landlord and management so far as well.  Don't get me wrong, online buying Dilantin, Dilantin photos, I still need things like the Internet...I'm typing this on my laptop somewhere with wifi, and not having a connection at home is simply unacceptable.  But I plan to get that squared away as soon as possible, Dilantin trusted pharmacy reviews. Ordering Dilantin online, It's interesting, really.  No matter what's happened to me since graduation, real brand Dilantin online, Dilantin samples, I still feel like I left my heart in the little college town of Annandale-on-Hudson.  That is my home, and I think I can say with certainty that it always will be.  Certainly, buy Dilantin no prescription, Canada, mexico, india, the town I grew up in, the one where my parents still live and where I stayed for the past year and two months, herbal Dilantin, What is Dilantin, is a part of me as well...I guess there's nothing that says I can't have more than one home.  But my college and the area surrounding it, and more than anything, Dilantin from canada, Buy Dilantin online cod, the people who orbit it, are very special to me, buy Dilantin without prescription, Purchase Dilantin, and I credit them with revealing to me who I really am, and for being able to remind me of that whenever something makes me forget temporarily.  That is what home means to me--happiness, buy Dilantin no prescription, Buy Dilantin online no prescription, knowing yourself, being known as yourself, online buy Dilantin without a prescription, Dilantin pharmacy, feeling you belong and being told so to boot.  I was phenomenally lucky to find that place, and I've done my best to take it with me as well as go back as often as I can, herbal Dilantin. Dilantin no rx, But like I said, there's more than one kind of home, Dilantin blogs, Buying Dilantin online over the counter, different degrees of home, and each home means something different to a person.  I may not be in college anymore, where can i find Dilantin online, Cheap Dilantin, but I am now a resident of New York City, one of the great hubs of the world...and a sizable chunk of my friends from school have moved down here, order Dilantin from mexican pharmacy, Is Dilantin addictive, too, so I'm not alone.  With my school as my center and this place as a landing pad, my Dilantin experience, Dilantin alternatives, it's finally time to see what I can do with my life.

And as of this week, Dilantin class, Dilantin results, I'm getting started. Buy Dilantin without a prescription. Dilantin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Dilantin online c.o.d.

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Buy Tinidazole Without Prescription, Hey everyone, I'm moving into a new apartment this week!  (Incidentally, if I don't respond to emails as quickly as I usually do, that's why).  To celebrate, I'm going to share some of my photography with you...I'm hardly a photo major, but I don't think I'm bad, either.  Here are three photos of the last place I called home:




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Buy Bentyl Without Prescription, Ever want to know why so many reviews of video games pop up on a site that's supposed to be centered around prose fiction. Click through below to find an essay that explains why. This was originally written as a final essay for a college class called Cultural Reportage, Generic Bentyl, in which I learned how to write the sorts of reviews and commentaries that I post on School Kids SG. In fact, it's pretty much true that this one class inspired me to create that whole portion of the site, and it had a very big effect on my writing style in general, Bentyl price, coupon, for fiction and nonfiction. So I guess this is the proper place to acknowledge my professor, Online Bentyl without a prescription, Peter Sourian, for being so good at his job, and to me.

And without further ado....

If there’s one thing I remember about grade school with absolute clarity, it’s that I wasn’t popular. In fact, Bentyl steet value, I was barely tolerated. But in first through third grade, there was one time of day when I got to shine—lunch time. The teachers would walk us down to the basement cafeteria, Bentyl use, we’d sit at a long, white table, and I would begin telling stories. I called each story “The Dream,” as if these tales came to me in my sleep, Bentyl no prescription, and all of them were very similar, having a common basis in Super Mario Brothers II. My classmates hung on my every word, Bentyl dose, and if I felt too tired or reluctant to tell my story on a particular day, they would team up and cajole me into it. Only while I was narrating “The Dream” did I feel as if I could call them my friends.

Being a writer now, I’d like to say that I achieved this victory because I was a talented storyteller, even in my single-digit years. My ego’s not that big, rx free Bentyl, and I’m not that stupid. As I would later discover, the fact that I liked to write stories might be a curiosity to my peers, Effects of Bentyl, but it didn’t attract new friends to my side for more than a day or two at a time. No, I credit the success of “The Dream” to its major inspiration, and the source of its wide appeal: video games.

My orations of “The Dream” weren’t the only times when video games helped my social life. From Kindergarten all the way to senior year, I went to school with a boy who I’ll call Will. I liked Will, thought he was cool—he hated me. Our mothers couldn’t stand one another, and as the years went by, I found that I couldn’t stand his mother, either. At any rate, mixed in with many memories of being ditched by Will, there are a few scattered images of me in his house, sitting on the dark carpet of the living room, playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. We were able to get quite a bit farther as a team than either of us could have alone.

My one true friend in grade school was named Brice. Even our teachers knew how close we were, as I discovered when my math teacher, Mrs, Buy Bentyl Without Prescription. R, offered me consolation after he moved away when we were 14. Except for the fact that he was a comic artist in the same way that I was a writer, we had almost nothing in common: he was one of those sports enthusiasts, get Bentyl, the basketball card-collecting statistics whizzes who were a dime a dozen in my town. We were friends, however, Online buying Bentyl hcl, because we cared about one another, and when we wanted to hang out and have fun, we played video games. I could hardly get him to leave my house after I introduced him to Kirby’s Adventure, and when I visited his house, Bentyl long term, he introduced me to one of the most laughably-bad computer games I’ve ever encountered (“You struck the ogre. You struck the ogre. Bentyl mg, You killed the ogre.”) Through the Sega Genesis, we were even able to act out his love of sports in a way that caught my attention: NBA Jam was based in reality, but its execution was so ridiculous that I had a lot of fun with it. That game often appeared at parties, supplying a level on which I could interact with all the sports fanatics, Bentyl canada, mexico, india, and granting me what little knowledge of pro basketball I possessed.

Like I said, though, Bentyl from canadian pharmacy, I didn’t have many friends, nor was I invited to many parties, once everybody’s mom stopped insisting that their child invite the entire class. For the most part, video games were my in-home companion, purchase Bentyl for sale, from the Christmas morning when I got my old Nintendo until halfway through high school. Although they occasionally became a topic of conversation or a shared activity, video games were primarily part of my personal life. In this sense, Buy generic Bentyl, they weren’t just entertainment: they also contributed to my physical and psychological development.

I’ll never forget my first driving lesson. I was 16 years old, and after I obtained my learner’s permit through driver’s ed class, I got my six hours of required road experience from a man named Arim. On the day of my first lesson, the pressure was on: a second boy my age was riding along to watch everything I did, kjøpe Bentyl på nett, köpa Bentyl online, having missed his own first lesson several hours earlier. Before I was allowed to drive the car, Arim asked me to use the accelerator and brake pedals to move the speedometer needle in neutral, Buy Bentyl from canada, making it settle at whatever point he asked for. This would tell him whether or not I was ready to manage and obey various speed limits for real. We did several tests, in which I had to hit common speed limits such as 35 and 45, and I did all of them with pinpoint accuracy on the first try.

“Your speed control is excellent,” Arim said in his heavily-accented voice.

“Well, purchase Bentyl online, I have played a lot of driving games,” I replied.

I probably owe most of my hand-eye coordination skill to years of playing Nintendo. Summer day camp showed me that I was and always would be terrible at ping-pong, Where can i order Bentyl without prescription, but during my senior year in high school, when I babysat for my friend’s little brother during a family emergency, I impressed him by bouncing the ball up and down on the paddle for sustained periods of time. I was surprised that it entertained him—even though I couldn’t score a single point against the kids from camp, simply hitting the ball in place felt ordinary to me. I’d always known how to do it, fast shipping Bentyl, but when that little boy stared at me with wide eyes, I realized that I’d never consciously practiced the trick before. Maybe it was impressive, Bentyl coupon, I thought. The only way I could explain this talent to myself was, again, through video games. I had been honing my hand-eye coordination every time I made the controller in my hands and the characters on my TV screen interact.

By far, Bentyl price, though, the most tangible and persistent way I feel the influence of video games is through my writing. Just like the way in which Mario and Luigi’s adventures gave rise to “The Dream, Bentyl pictures, ” my many years of interacting with video game-style storytelling, as well as video game-style action and pacing, have helped to shape an indispensable part of my writer’s sense.

Despite being a storyteller since first grade, the first time that I got really serious about writing as an independent was between the ages of 10 and 14. I was primarily interested in action stories, order Bentyl online overnight delivery no prescription, which almost necessitated some type of violence as a result of character conflict. But there was one roadblock—I had a very attentive mother. As soon as things like television and video games entered my life, she was careful to regulate them so that I would only see age-appropriate material. This is why the games I’ve listed so far don’t get any less family-friendly than Mario, Bentyl cost, in which you might step on the head of a mushroom or turtle, but no more than that. There was only one exception to my mother’s rule: the Mega Man games, in which all the guns and bombs and violence was perpetrated by and against robots. Robots never really got hurt, canada, mexico, india, and they could always be repaired, so this was acceptable.

You can see the effects of my upbringing in my early action stories. Even when the plot demanded confrontation, Bentyl for sale, I would shy away from fighting and violence, and when it became unavoidable, I’d hand things off to robots or other creatures that couldn’t be truly harmed. Many of my characters used Mega Man-style movements, and came equipped with Mega Man-style weaponry, cheap Bentyl no rx, such as flying magnets and colored energy beams. Thanks to my mother’s careful parenting and my love of video games, this was all I knew of action, Bentyl recreational, and it became one lens through which I started to write my stories. No matter how many years I spend refining and changing some of my projects, even if they become completely different stories after successive edits, many of them can be traced back to a common ancestry involving Mega Man.

This is not to say that Mega Man was the only video game to ever inspire me. Today, I write about a much wider range of topics, order Bentyl no prescription, and I draw from a much wider range of influences and experiences than I had access to when I was 14. My mental library of games has expanded over the years as well, and the part of my brain that thinks like a video game still kicks into action when appropriate.

Role-playing games, Where to buy Bentyl, which contain far more narrative than a Mario Brothers title, can influence my language and thought processes as much as a Mega Man game might influence the way I visualize an action sequence. To give an example: I wrote a story for my Senior Project at Bard, and at several times during that story, I visualized events in video game terms. For instance, is Bentyl safe, a few comparatively recent RPGs I liked, such as Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II, Purchase Bentyl online no prescription, contained 3-D movement through realistic environments. These video games had a profound effect on my “narrator’s eye,” the perspective from which I see events in my head, and from which I come to describe these events in words. One moment near the end of my senior project, a desperate run up many flights of stairs, was written as if I were seeing it on a screen, through a camera that was sometimes behind, sometimes above, and sometimes below my characters. If I hadn’t been thinking like a video game at that point in the writing process, I might have chosen to present very different details about the world of the story as I envisioned it.

I know many people who are far more serious gamers than I, but video games have always been a small yet significant part of my routine. My social life, my personal life, and the governing principles of my writer’s brain have all benefited from playing video games. I’ve told this story to several people with whom I share my stories and memories, and I’ve gotten mixed reactions. Some find it interesting, or at least unique, while others consider the influence of video games on my writing to be inherently corruptive. Although I hear it’s hard to recognize the video game-style elements in my fiction without being told to look for them, I’ve also been told that non-literary influences have no business creeping into prose—especially not video games. I used to feel offended by statements like that, but now I just shrug. This is the way I am, and when you come right down to it, everyone’s a critic..

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