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All entries written in June, 2007

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Buy Methotrexate Without Prescription, First things first: as promised, here is an edited version of the image at the center of last week's contest. The secret location was Sunnyside, Methotrexate long term, Herbal Methotrexate, Queens, and there were a couple of clues to help you figure it out, Methotrexate brand name. Methotrexate results, The three biggest hints were:

(1) - The presence of the number 7 train (I've also enlarged the little "7" I drew on the side).

(2) - The fact that the train was on a stone archway characteristic of Sunnyside, where can i buy cheapest Methotrexate online. Discount Methotrexate, (3) - The visage of Manhattan in the distance (right down Queens Boulevard, for those of you who know or may visit the area), buy Methotrexate no prescription. Methotrexate photos, Here's the picture again, with all three of these hints highlighted:


And because I said I wouldn't let today's update end there...I won't, Methotrexate price, coupon. Methotrexate price, Here are pencil sketches of Donovan, Nick, is Methotrexate addictive, Online buying Methotrexate hcl, and a 2-D cityscape I was going to use as a backdrop somewhere. Hope you like them, Methotrexate pictures. Methotrexate reviews,

062607sketch01.jpg 062607sketch02.jpg 062607sketch03.jpg

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Buy Bupropion Without Prescription, Well, I guess no one got it right.  Too you have to wait until Wednesday to see the solution.  I'll post a new version of the image with several telling clues highlighted.  I'll also look for some more art to post, because, well, the conclusion to a contest that ended two days ago hardly constitutes enough of an update.  In the meantime, feel free to tell me what you thought of this attempt at interactivity: whether or not you liked it, what I can do better next time, what sort of prizes I should have given out, anything.

By the way, Bupropion used for, Where to buy Bupropion, there are only 5 more chapters left in The Gauntlet!  If you haven't already gotten on board or stayed caught up, now is the time to do it...the climax of the first School Kids SG story is at hand, what is Bupropion. Cheap Bupropion no rx. Canada, mexico, india. Bupropion treatment. Discount Bupropion. Purchase Bupropion online no prescription. Get Bupropion. Buy Bupropion online cod. Purchase Bupropion online. Online buy Bupropion without a prescription. Buying Bupropion online over the counter. Bupropion dosage. Bupropion street price. Bupropion steet value. Doses Bupropion work. Where can i find Bupropion online. Order Bupropion from mexican pharmacy. Purchase Bupropion. Bupropion over the counter. Bupropion trusted pharmacy reviews. Real brand Bupropion online. Bupropion duration. Bupropion recreational. Is Bupropion addictive. Buy Bupropion from mexico. Order Bupropion from United States pharmacy. Bupropion canada, mexico, india. Low dose Bupropion. Bupropion gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Generic Bupropion. Taking Bupropion. Buy generic Bupropion. Cheap Bupropion.

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Review - Hotel Dusk: Room 215

If you haven't heard of it, that's okay...I could be mistaken, but I think Hotel Dusk is a pretty obscure game. I only saw new copies in one store, and they both sat there for a month until I went back to buy the game myself. It's certainly not everybody's cup of tea--not quite even an adventure game, Hotel Dusk is a self-proclaimed "interactive mystery novel," and I think that classification fits. Holding your DS sideways so it looks sort of like a book, you follow former NYPD detective Kyle Hyde on his quest to find his ex-partner, Brian Bradley, who turned traitor during an undercover assignment. He hasn't been seen since, but Kyle is convinced Bradley is still alive, and searches for clues to his whereabouts while working as a traveling salesman. At the beginning of the game, Kyle checks into Hotel Dusk as part of his latest "sales" assignment, and after meeting a group of interesting and very secretive characters, the story begins. This game is all about speechcraft. Each of the chapters focuses on one or two of the hotel's guests, and you have Kyle chat them up by making dialogue selections with the sylus. There are also moments when you can interrupt someone in the middle of a sentence by tapping on them, but you have to be careful how you interrupt--if someone flushes red, you've said the wrong thing, and that could give you a game over (either immediately or a few minutes down the line). There are times when it's best to let things go, and leave certain questions unasked...Hotel Dusk teaches you its central skills, like most video games, but what sets it apart is that the most important you'll learn is how to be a shrewd judge of character. You build actual relationships with everyone in the hotel, and how good you are at working them over has a big effect on the story. It's all very well thought-out and executed...I particularly liked the partnership between Kyle and Louie, and the way they play off one another as the story progresses. There are some physical puzzles, but most of them are very easy, and if you want to be technical about it, aren't really puzzles at all. Moving boxes around in a storage room is not a puzzle. It is, however, a way to make the novel more interactive, and once again, that's really what we have in Hotel Dusk--a novel. The designers (it might be more appropriate in this case to say the writers) really took the medium of the DS into account as it suited their purposes, using it to extend the story into new dimensions rather than letting it obscure the narrative with out-of-place video game elements. The only true puzzles are the few that take the mechanical reality of the DS into account...this really made me grin a couple of times. You have to get creative, bending your mind into accepting things that might have seemed obvious if you only thought them possible before. I know I'll never look at my DS, as a machine, the same way again. Though some of the twists were pretty obvious (see if you don't laugh during at least one of the moments where Kyle says, "Didn't see that one coming...."), I was very satisfied with the story and ending overall. I'm particularly impressed with the way some of the subplots aren't resolved outright...the reader is given all the information and then, in a really artful and subtle way, expected to draw their own conclusions. The story of Alan Parker in particular has only one possible solution, but rather than beat its audience over the head with it, Hotel Dusk shows respect and restraint. Don't be fooled by what I said earlier--this story isn't primarily about Brian Bradley, though that may be what motivates Kyle to dig for truth wherever he senses it's buried. There's really no way to guess at the trajectory of the story from the box and manual...and in fact, if you want to approach it like a book and let yourself be completely surprised, I recommend against reading either too closely. A few hiccups near the beginning (like when Kyle is supposed to recognize Louie's voice, even though the player hasn't ever met him before and certainly can't hear any voice in a text-based game) do nothing to detract from the story's overall reality, and I think you'll find the progression of the story surprisingly involving. Pick up this game if you can find's exciting in a way I can't explain, on a plane that most video games don't even come close to touching (not without a lot of imagination on the part of the player, anyway). See if you don't feel a thrill the first time the intense music starts up, when you start seeing red questions pop up in the interrogation window. I mean, there's a world of difference between the "Where's my package?" question in the prologue and the "Who killed Danny?" sort of thing that pops up as early as chapters 1 and 2. Hotel Dusk is noir storytelling at its finest, and another reason to trust Penny Arcade, the site which recommended the game to me. I agree with them: there'd better be a sequel at some point.

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Buy Flonase Without Prescription, Hey, everybody.  Don't forget--you've only got until midnight on Sunday (well, I guess technically that would be midnight on Monday) to try and guess where this drawing takes place!  The winner, if there is one, gets the pride of being recognized in Monday's post, plus perhaps some physical prize once I have a School Kids SG-related item worth giving away.  I'm always open to ideas about what that could be, incidentally.

Anyway, where can i cheapest Flonase online, Flonase without a prescription, give it a shot!  What have you got to lose?  Here's the direct link to the full-size file again if you don't want to scroll down the page.  And please post your guesses as comments rather than emailing them to me!  I want everyone to see the progression of this contest...who knows?  It might take a couple of guesses building on one another to reach the closest one. Where can i buy Flonase online. Flonase photos. Flonase cost. Flonase price. Flonase overnight. Order Flonase no prescription. Flonase from mexico. Buy Flonase without prescription. Flonase description. Flonase maximum dosage. My Flonase experience. Purchase Flonase for sale. Online buying Flonase hcl. Buy Flonase online no prescription. Rx free Flonase. Is Flonase safe. Online buying Flonase. Effects of Flonase. Fast shipping Flonase. Flonase pics. Flonase online cod. Flonase schedule. Flonase pictures. Flonase no rx. Order Flonase online overnight delivery no prescription. Flonase dangers. Flonase natural. Flonase without prescription. Order Flonase online c.o.d. Buy cheap Flonase. Where can i order Flonase without prescription. Flonase alternatives. Herbal Flonase.

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Lookout (Classic)


800x600 1024x768

A Little History - "Lookout" was the first-ever School Kids SG desktop wallpaper...I've been drawing them for my own use for years, and now that I have this website, I plan to share them. I've probably redrawn this one five times in as many years, and I still think I can do better, but this version holds a special place in my heart. So, it gets to go out into the world first. Enjoy!

A Contest!

Well, sort of. It's more like a "random reader challenge," really. In any case--below, I have posted an unfinished concept sketch that I was working on yesterday. It's a long way from being done and just as far from being released, but I think we can still have some fun with it in its current form. So here's the challenge: can anybody tell me where this sketch takes place? Be as specific as you can, and leave your answers as comments. You have until 10:30 PM on Sunday, June 24th to make your guesses...depending on whether or not anyone comes close to getting it right, there will be a follow-up posted Monday the 25th. The winner will get...something! Possibly just a sense of self-satisfaction, but don't hold me to that!


Don't worry about the character in the foreground--he's irrelevent for the purposes of this contest. In fact, I'll give him the Hard Copy treatment!

Head Trip Special!

Hey, everybody! I'm sick this week, so in honor of my addled mind, I'm posting a link to something that will blow your mind once it's released. It's a game called Braid, and it's being designed (graphically, anyway) by the artist from A Lesson Is Learned. Enjoy! (And don't worry, the next chapter of The Gaunlet will appear on schedule, this Friday).

Webcomics I Read - 6/11/07

I may review some of these in-depth at a later time, but for the moment, I just wanted to post a list of comics I read or have read, all of which I think are great and many of which have inspired or influenced me in some way. Any of these would be worth your time to check out. Enjoy! Roomies!/It's Walky! and Shortpacked! by David Willis - This is a continuity I've been following since junior high school (!). It's my favorite webcomic of all time, and arguably one of my biggest creative influences. I plan to review this one sooner than any of the others on this list, so I'd better not say anything else now. Melonpool by Steve Troop - As I understand it, Melonpool is one of the oldest webcomics out there, and it's got archives going all the way back to 1996. Regrettably, it seems to be on permanent hiatus was going to be reborn in a really promising graphic novel format, but it seems the writer/artist eventually lost interest because he didn't feel very many people were reading, and that's really sad, because Melonpool is one of the only comics that genuinely makes me laugh. It's also got the most satisfying and complex time travel writing I've ever seen anywhere, period. College Roomies from Hell!!! - This one has long story arcs and can therefore be difficult to get into and follow, but it's one of the most popular comics on Keenspot for a reason. It's surprising, supernatural, and increasingly well-drawn. Also, as everyone is so fond of saying, the cartoonist is evil, so every once in a while, things happen that are completely unexpected and change the entire story. It had a pretty choppy update schedule a couple years back, but now it's pretty much stabilized, and it moves at a good pace. Funny Farm - Not really a furry strip, if you believe the FAQ (the reason the author gives for why some of the characters appear to us as bipedal animals is actually pretty intriguing). Funny Farm's another long one, and it's full of mysteries and secret characters, but it's also consistently funny. The only downside is that it's often riddled with typos and weird grammatical choices. Nothing you can't think away on your end, though. Penny Arcade - Everyone knows about Penny Arcade. It's hilarious, it's on-point, it's very well-written and drawn, and the news posts that surround the comics give actual, useful information on games and the gaming industry. Some people say they're sellouts, and they are getting awfully big, but I dunno. I guess they just have different goal than I do. Besides, the print collections published by Dark Horse are actually worth buying. Achewood - A friend from college turned me on to this strip a couple years back...this was part of what gave me the idea to start doing School Kids SG in blog format. I like Achewood because you can never quite see where it's going. Although it has a story, it exists mainly for its humor, which actually manages to translate strip-to-strip even when viewed outside the context of the storyline...hit the random comic button a few times and see if you don't believe me. Hover your pointer over almost any strip in the archives for a few extra words. Friendly Hostility -This comic is wacky. To give you an idea--it's about an Indo-British bisexual college student and his gay lover, their high-school-age assistant Bootsie, a Demon, a mad scientist, a Satanic priest, the government...and somehow it all boils down to being about love and family. Oh, and now it's starting to be about murder and intrigue, too. It's funny, it's well-drawn, it's a good story, and there are daily comments from the author! This is one that really loves its fans. A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible - Though it seems to be over now, this comic is one of the best-drawn anything I've ever come across, and it's written in a surrealist, almost free-associative way that makes it a lot of fun to think about. The two creators would often make their words and art bleed into one another, and they were getting some real critical acclaim before things quieted down. Oh, well. All the comics are still up there for you to look at and enjoy. Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out - The last comic I'll go over for today is the youngest of the bunch, written like a blog and drawn with a really entertaining kind of twisted realism. It's basically an introspection comic, and it's about the main character/writer's relationships as often as's so honest you really feel like you're getting to know him. That's pretty much all I can say. This is one you really have to go check out for yourself.

Preview Sketch! - 6/6/07

This is a sketch I did last's basically concept art for something I'm going to put up on the site in the not-too-distant future. Consider it a preview. I also think this unfinished drawing shows a little bit of my process, in case anyone's interested in that. I started out wanting to take it seriously, approaching it as step-one pencil art instead of mere experimentation, but I abandoned that pretty quickly once I realized the image wasn't quite ready in my head yet. See if you can pinpoint the various stages of my increasing speed and disengagement (remaining guidelines, lighter pencil work, missing feet, etc.)


Go-Cart Gang

gocartgang.jpg Known Members: Lyle, Flint, Mark Additional Info: The Gauntlet, Prologue